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rude innuendo joke!

  • robynfali
  • Guest
« on 11/08/2006, 15:51 »
There was a little boy who lived on a farm. One morning when he got up from bed his mother told him he needed to start doing his chores around the farm.

The little boy said he would take over the chores for his dad. So he went to the barn and milked the cow when he was done he kicked the cow right in the bum. Then he went and fed the pig, when he was done he kicked the pig in the bum. Then he went to feed the chicken, when he was done he kicked the chicken in the bum.

After the chores were done the little boy went into the house and said to his mother "The chores are done I want some breakfast".
So the mom put a dry bowl of cereal down in front of the little boy, he said, "What about the milk?", and the mother replied "You can't have any milk because you kicked the cow in the bum". The little boy said, "Well how about some bacon?" the mother replied, "You can't have any bacon because you kicked the pig in the bum". The little boy said "Can I at least have an egg?" The mother replied, "No, you kicked the chicken in the bum".

In walks his father, who kicked the cat, and the little boy said to his mother "Do you want to tell him or should I?"
  • rbentley
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« Reply #1 on 11/08/2006, 16:18 »
No pussy for him

 Shocked  Shocked  Shocked
  • pcsni
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« Reply #2 on 12/08/2006, 02:24 »
Love it Smiley
  • James_H
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« Reply #3 on 14/08/2006, 11:14 »
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