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Port Forwarding on the Plusnet Technicolor TG582n router?

« on 08/09/2012, 23:00 »
I raised a support ticket for one of my plusnet accounts but unfortunately they said they are unable to help with Port Forwarding questions as it is considered an internal network and being an optional change???

Anyway I am a bit baffled by that response but they advised me to come here and ask so...

How do I set up port forwarding on one of the Plusnet Technicolor TG582n routers?

I have looked at a screen clip on the Port Forward dotcom website and can see the option for Port Forwarding listed in the Toolbox section of the router directly below the "Remote Assistance" option, however within this Technicolor router I have it is missing and not there?


I am wondering if it is missing because I need to upgrade firmware or something? Or are Plusnet just not supporting or answering that question because they are using cheaper equipment that doesn't have this feature?

At the moment I have had to place the device in the DMZ to get it to work. I use a dynamic ip service so that is alway updated and not a problem, but I would ideally like to put the device back behind the firewall and set up port forwarding properly if it is even possible to do this with this Plusnet Technicolor router?



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« Reply #1 on 09/09/2012, 09:27 »
The 'Game and Application Sharing' section is the one you want.

« Reply #2 on 22/03/2014, 17:02 »
Having the same problems

I have been on Port forward website and followed step by step instructions and it wont let me open the available ports.

Keeps coming up with this error message

 "   The port configuration of the game or application conflicts with an already assigned game & application. Assigning this game or application is not possible. "
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« Reply #3 on 22/03/2014, 17:19 »
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