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Fibre optic with Apple Time Capsule

« on 31/08/2012, 11:19 »
I want to upgrade my existing broadband service to fibre optic but need to confirm that I can use my existing Apple iMac setup. I use an Apple Time Capsule which is a combined external storage drive and wireless router together with a Netgear modem.
I have already contacted 'Technical Support' who were unable to help (extremely disappointing) and just kept saying "we are not trained on this piece of equipment". I realise that a new modem is required and after searching on Apple forums the Time Capsule router supports gigabit ethernet so should fully support any system up to 1000 megabits/second but I don't know at what speed Plusnet's fibre optic broadband runs. Also, does the new modem supplied provide an ethernet out for input into the Time Capsule? Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated.
« Reply #1 on 31/08/2012, 11:32 »
The Time Capsule should work fine on Fibre. Just connect the TC directly to the BT Modem and forget about the Plusnet router, as shown here
Input your PlsuNet username/password where shown in the example
« Reply #2 on 31/08/2012, 12:48 »
I have an Apple Airport Extreme as my router with Plusnet Extra Fibre connection, with an Apple Time Capsule linked into the system via the Extreme.  I know this isn't exactly your setup, but I can confirm that the Airport Extreme works just fine so I can't see any reason why the Time Capsule would not by itself.
« Reply #3 on 31/08/2012, 14:52 »
Just to state from our point of view we have seen a number of customers using that type of set up so you should be fine.

Adam Walker
Plusnet Customer Relations Team
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« Reply #4 on 31/08/2012, 17:00 »
Many thanks to all the replies, I now have the confidence to upgrade to fibre.
« Reply #5 on 31/08/2012, 17:01 »
Good stuff, let me know if you have any questions or need any help.
Adam Walker
Plusnet Customer Relations Team
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« Reply #6 on 24/09/2012, 15:57 »
Plusnet fibre now installed, works wonderfully well with the supplied Openreach modem and Technicolour router but cannot use my Time Capsule as the router. Followed MisterW's link to macplaza page but AirPort utility I have is totally different to the instructions displayed and no matter what I try I cannot get it to work. I am running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 so is there a different procedure to follow. I would appreciate any help as I am unable to complete backups at the moment without Time Capsule.
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« Reply #7 on 24/09/2012, 16:55 »
Umm... How different is it? Did you try out the assisted setup with the 'Assist me...' button?
« Reply #8 on 24/09/2012, 17:06 »
Hi sunnyfrinton,

Would it be possible to provide us with a screengrab of the Time Capsule setup screen that you see with your version of Mac OS?  We should then be able to point you in the right direction.
« Reply #9 on 25/09/2012, 10:37 »
I connected Time Capsule to Openreach modem and ran Airport Utility which displayed screen 1. Found Internet Connection screen and entered data as per Mac Plaza instructions screen 2. Eventually connected but displayed screen 3 and could not proceed any further.

* 1.png (114.19 KB, 707x692 - viewed 252 times.)

* 2.png (119.53 KB, 712x706 - viewed 668 times.)

* 3.png (60.77 KB, 655x452 - viewed 382 times.)
« Reply #10 on 25/09/2012, 11:02 »
You need to enter your Plusnet username and password on screen 2 - the username shown is for a BT Infinity home user.

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« Reply #11 on 25/09/2012, 16:00 »
That will teach me not to follow instructions to the letter, it's so obvious when you think about it (entering your own account details!) but thanks for your help, it's now working perfectly.
« Reply #12 on 25/09/2012, 17:08 »
Excellent news!

Let us know if you require any further assistance.
« Reply #13 on 06/09/2013, 13:02 »

Going to keep this thread alive as I am having problems with the set up...Just bought one of the new Airport Extreme Time Capsules.  Can someone explain the username as I tried putting in the SSID I recieved from Plusnet but nothing is working - very annoying. Everything is amber : No DNS Servers;PPPoE password; Internet connection.


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« Reply #14 on 06/09/2013, 13:04 »
Hi 1000Cutts,

I've posted a reply in the thread you've opened about this, has it not helped?
Matt Taylor
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« Reply #15 on 05/06/2014, 09:55 »
Sorry to revive an old thread.
Did anyone resolve this? I am having the same problem. I have definitely typed in the correct username and password.
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