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BTW Performance Test

« on 18/02/2014, 23:12 »
I had wrote an email to BT CEO asking them to pass onto BT Wholesale if they can change the BTW Performance Test below:

IP Profile check
Exchange Congestion check
Cabinet Crosstalk check
Speedtest with throughput

Awaiting for a reply from BT CEO shortly
« Reply #1 on 18/02/2014, 23:29 »
Nice idea, but half the time BTw seem to be unaware of congestion themselves!
« Reply #2 on 19/02/2014, 13:32 »
Got email reply back from new BT CEO:


06:30 (6 hours ago)

to me


Thank you for your email, but perhaps because I am new, I confess I do not understand your request.

Could you please provide a little more background?



Joe Garner
Chief Executive Officer, Openreach

It's appear that he doesn't understand the BTW speedtest layout. How can I explain to him?
« Reply #3 on 19/02/2014, 13:56 »
Post a screenshot of that email then  Wink
« Reply #4 on 19/02/2014, 13:58 »
Can't as my BTW won't work under my telephone number (Further Diagnostics) button on my FTTC since last Thursday went live. Sad
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