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Plusnet is looking for existing customers to trial its TV service

December 19th, 2013 at 14:55 by Peter Jackson

YouView trial

As part of Plusnet’s exciting plans to move into TV, Plusnet’s YouView trials are to be extended from staff, to customers who have Unlimited Fibre, in the new year.

Plusnet will provide a Humax YouView+ box offering Freeview channels and easy access to on-demand content, such as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand5. Plusnet is also offering customer trialists access to extra channels including top sporting action on BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN, as well as entertainment channels including SyFy, Universal, E! and Fox - all delivered through the fibre broadband connection.

Rob Perkins, Head of TV at Plusnet said of the announcement,

“This is an exciting step forward for Plusnet and these trials will ensure Plusnet can gain crucial feedback to ensure it launches the best service it can to a wider customer base later in the year.”

People accepted onto the TV trial will be given loan of a YouView box and any other essential equipment for at least three months, at which point the box should either be returned or the trialist can opt in to the paid-for service.*

To be considered for the trial, you will need to have Plusnet Unlimited Fibre and a working TV aerial. You will need to commit to use the service and provide feedback through short web-surveys when requested (these are expected to happen no more than once or twice per month).

If you are interested in joining the trial, please log in to where you will be asked to complete an application form.

The full launch date for Plusnet TV, along with pricing at this launch, is yet to be confirmed.


*3 months free Plusnet TV trial by invitation only, following application. You’ll need to have and retain Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, a 15Mbs minimum line speed & a suitable TV aerial. You’ll need to complete feedback questionnaires provided by Plusnet, who may contact you to offer an extension of the trial. You’ll get a YouView+ box but when the trial ends, if you don’t continue your service by signing up to one month rolling lease of the box, you’ll need to return it. Availability of digital channels and quality of content depends on local transmitter and rooftop aerial ( Limited availability. For terms go to:


Update:  Thanks to everyone who has applied to take part in our TV trials.

We've now stopped taking applications for the trial. However, we may open it up again in the future and so if you would like to register your interest please complete the application survey via 

If you have already applied - thank you, we will be in touch in the next week or two.


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81 comments on "Plusnet is looking for existing customers to trial its TV service"


When YouView launched their trial, they sent me a pair of homeplugs and a Youview box.
The Youview box was nominally returnable if I didn't want to pay for their service.

But who wants to pay for used equipment?

Plusnet are skinflints (and that box still has problems, years after it was due to be "launched").


P.S. I eventually put the Youview box in the rubbish bin.
Kept the homeplugs though!


Sorry to hear you're not interested in the trial, however I'm confident that many other customers will be.


Will the trials still be available at the end of March when fibre optic is finally enabled in my area.


I've been checking everyday for this for the past month (sad I know). Signed up and looking forward to being accepted.


It would be helpful to have some idea what the cost of the TV service will be?


I'd have to bump up to a more expensive product (with less inclusive calls) so it would help to have a rough idea of the future cost of the TV service as well.

I have had a Talk talk Youview box working very well on plusnet broadband for a few months now it works very well and i would not be with out it



I'm unsure if the trial will still be available in March.


We don't have those details yet, this is the trial phase.


As above


So PlusNet get their trial data, then either their box back, or a monthly subscription from the customer.

I'd have thought you'd have given your trial audience a year free or something as a thank you, not "give us our box back or pay for it."


Looking forward to seeing PN join the party. Delighted that PN have made this move.

Have been regularly checking for news on this for about a month now. I'm on Fibreoptic, but unfortunately not Unlimited, so I guess I'll have to wait until it's eventually rolled out. I wonder if this means users would have to be on Unlimited as presumably, watching a lot of TV would use a lot of my allowance, hence the need to go Unlimited.


I'm in - having to send the box back or not is immaterial for me. If I like it enough to keep it I won't mind paying for it. If I don't like or use it, it goes back with no penalties :)

It seems a small price to pay (a few surveys) to find out if it is something I want or not. I was thinking of getting one of these with another ISP before joining PN but decided that I may or may not really use it so went with Plusnet as they had the better overall FTTC deal.

Is this the new youview box that is currently being trialed or the old/existing one?

Baffled by this offer - I could buy all of these features in a Humax box for £170 with no subscription or just buy a smart TV.

Just sounds like a thinly-veiled marketing exercise dressed up as a trial.

Totally agree with Carl....I think they should also come and mow my lawn for a year, walk my dog and pay for a holiday!! about thinking about the fact you get to fill a few forms in and get about 3 months (maybe more) of premium content TV?

I do not see why you need a fibre broadband service to go on this trial as the you view box works perfectly well on normal broadband

Word Warrior

Will the btsport channels by in HD and is Sky sport available too?

In my area I have a fast non fibre Plusnet connection, and am using a Youview box. No need for more expensive Plusnet fibre connection.

What are the plans for those stuck with adsl? My line is connected directly to the exchange so no fibre for me. However I do get 14 to 16 meg..... Surely quick enough?

When they talk about 'fibre broadband' it isn't really fibre cos it still comes through your phone line. its only souped up adsl and it only is faster if you live next to a cabinet. Its all marketing innit?


Hi, hopefully the following mini-FAQ will answer many of your questions:

Q. How long will the trials be available?
A. We’re not sure yet, but we’ve said that triallists will receive at least 3 months of trial service. We’re planning on recruiting throughout December and into January until we have enough volunteers.

Q. Any idea of what the ongoing cost of subscription will be?
A. We will confirm costs as we confirm our official launch date. The customer trial and volunteer questionnaires will in part help us determine the final subscription cost.

Q. Which version of the YouView box is being trialled?
A. We’ll be using the Humax DTR–T1000 for the trial.

Q. Why do I need fibre when my normal broadband is fast enough?
A. It’s not so much the speed of your broadband but more a question of the availability of fibre multicast technology which is only available on enabled fibre cabinets to fibre users.

Q. I can't get fibre in my area. What are the plans for people like me stuck with normal ADSL?
A. For the foreseeable future we’ll only be able to provide our TV channel content to fibre-enabled customers, sorry. We’re very conscious that this excludes some people from our service and will continue to work with our wholesale broadband supplier to increase availability and options as they become accessible.

Q. Are the BT Sport channels in HD? Is Sky Sports going to be available?
A. Yes, the BT Sports channels 1 & 2 are available in both SD and HD but no Sky content will be available.

One question not asked that I can see but I'm sure you will, is when will we start contacting those who have applied? We've had a tremendous response and will look to start contacting you after the Xmas and New Year holidays.

Merry Christmas to you all.



can you list all the channels that will be available? (I'm asking because I'm possibly interested)

the next question would be will there be any limitations to the number of boxes a person may purchase to use on this service?

it would be nice if I can pay a subscription but buy as much equipment as I want to and hook it up myself in different rooms instead of always being tied to the one room for tv

well supposing that is the box works as advertised, the channels I watch most are in the package, and the price isn't too high..


I applied for this and was told it was only open to staff. Not customers.

Thanks anyway.


Hi There,

I have plusnet up to 80 meg 250GB capped Fibre, I don't really want to commit to another 18 months as I don't get anywhere near the limit so have no need for it. Can I sign up still? Or is there a way for me to regrade without a new contract?

I am currently on Sky so am looking for something to replace it. We have an aerial that we use for our second FreeView TV.




@nanotm I can't give you a complete list of channels because during the trial we are continuing to bring new ones on board. What I can tell you is that there is already a broad range of popular entertainment and factual programming (as the blog mentions; SyFy, E!, Fox, Universal etc) as well as the sports channels we have.

We'll provide one YouView box. We're not planning on trialling multiroom options during this phase of the trial but it certainly is something we'll look at in the not-too-distant future.

@Paul I've seen the ticket you raised and will look into the issue with the page. The advisor was incorrect and obviously hadn't seen the news (to be fair this was announced very quickly).

@Chris You'd only need to recontract if you took a new offer or changed product (update: see edit). The TV trials run independently to your broadband service, all we ask is that you have Plusnet Unlimited Fibre and a 'digital'/Freeview compatible aerial, and agree to the terms and conditions of the trial.

EDIT: Sorry Chris, I'd not read your comment properly. Unfortunately we are restricting the TV trials to Fibre Unlimited customers only, so yes, you would need to change product if you wanted to be eligible.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response ( I was just chris above). That doesn't really answer my (badly worded) question though which is "Am I eligible as I am on Fibre Pro (but not Unlimited)) I am on the older equivalent to the Unlimited. I don't mind upgrading to Unlimited but not if that means another 18 month Fibre contract.




Hi Chris, sorry about that I'd not read your original question properly. Yes, you need to be on Fibre Unlimited, no way around that. With regards your options around recontracting I'd suggest you gave our customer service team a call.

I'd have to point out clearly though that there are no guarantees that everyone who applies will get on the trial, and suggest strongly that if you want to move to Unlimited that it's because it offers you better value, rather than you want to be on the TV trial.


Thanks, I will see what they say.


Hi Peter,

It would be great to be involved with this as I also enquired about being involved in customer trials of YouView some time ago as I was looking to get away from Sky, but didn't like the idea of leaving Plusnet. Please see ticket 77045182.



No Sky channels? Then no point.

The only value that Youview could offer me over my existing setup is the ability to lose my Sky subscription.

Shame, I was hopeful someone other than the dreaded talktalk would get in on the action and provide some real choice.


Signed up today, whats the rough lead time for this?

Used to have BT Vision until I switched across to PN.


We've had an amazing response to this and it'll take a while to collate the applications etc. I'd expect we'll start to contact applicants within a fortnight or so. We'll hopefully be well up and running before the end of January barring no unforseen delays. As with anything 'in trial', I'd be rash to make any promises though.


Will you be letting people know who have applied for the trial if they have not been successful?

How will the service work if people already have a youview box? Or can people choose a different Youview box? Many might have smart TVs anyway.

Having the option to out rightly own the Youvview box is something to think about. Of course if you still have to pay a monthly fee like rest then this becomes less attractive.

HUMAX DTR-T1000 1TB is currently on clearance in 2 store locations for only £99. Seems to have been replaced by DTR-T1010 1TB model.

I think BT use the older model currently. I don't think there is much difference between the 2 models. 1TB is probably the minimum size I would go for as you will fill up the drives pretty quickly.

BT used to charge £5 per month to have the Freeview box. My contract finishes with them in 3 weeks time. After that I keep the Freeview box having essentially cost £60 over the year. In the shops it costs £190. Now I'm thinking of moving to Plusnet for your cheaper tariffs. I'm expecting to save £10 a month.


If talktalk can offer the tv channels on normal DSL why can't you


signed up for the trial but still waiting to hear

I applied and filled out the on line application.
One question asked , concerned the type of aerial in use, with no reference to signal strength. I have a loft aerial but am located only about a mile from the local transmitter, so have a very strong signal.
Will my loft aerial mean that I will not be considered ?
Also have Sky, but considering cancelling.

Hello, as it's a couple of weeks into the new year, I was wondering when we will find out whether we've been accepted into the trial.


I am rather concerned to hear that Plusnet intends to charge Fibre Unlimited customers who also have phone line rental and calls with Plusnet simply to go on having the YouView box once the trial is over.

Surely the equivalent product with TalkTalk is free of charge and the box is yours forever (albeit that its a Huawei and not a Humax YouView box) if you only use Youview to record FTA channels and watch OnDemand services from the FTA Terrestrial providers? I can see that you would clearly expect to charge your ultra cheap rate £2.99 per months ADSL2+ customers to have a YouView box once you move on from the trial to offering the service to nearly all your customers.

Also what about Lovefilm, Netflix and KnowHow Movies etc as surely the main way that YouView boxes make a profit for Plusnet is through the cut it then gets on sales of these pay per view VoD services. For that reason I would also expect you to have some kind of access to Sky Services, even if only through NowTv. So surely there will be a NowTv App for this box? I also think you should have Eurosport and Sky Sports F1 HD as these are two key channels that many customers who don't want to take the entire range of Sky channels do frequently want access to.

I certainly do think anyone who is a Fibre Unlimited customer should be allowed to keep these Humax YouView boxes permanently, once the trial is over, so long as they retain the Fibre Unlimited service and perhaps subject to completion of a minimum Fibre Unlimited term such as 18 months.


There seems to be a whole load of confusion going on above that Plusnet aren't doing themselves any favours by not sorting out...

Here's an explanation. There are TWO DIFFERENT YOUVIEW SERVICES.

* YouView Basic
** You buy the box.
** No subscription charge.
** It works over ADSL.
** You get a Freeview HD PVR with online catchup services.
** In function, not that different to other smart Freeview HD boxes.
* YouView Premium
** You buy or lease the box from the ISP.
** It only works over Fibre or other higher speed internet connections.
** It only works where the ISP has a YouView multicast service.
** You pay a subscription charge.
** You get a Freeview HD PVR with online catchup services.
** You also get access to HD Streaming Video Channels such as SyFy, Discovery, Disney et al depending on the ISP's offering.
** You may also get access to premium on-demand services, depending on the ISP's offering.

And yes, the requirement for higher speed internet is a technical one. There has to be a hefty multicast backend setup to service all the YouView boxes on the premium service, and you will be getting a lot of data used up by it.


I've got a few questions:

1) If the box is on monthly lease, in the event of a fault will Plusnet repair / replace it FOC once the normal 2 year Humax warranty is up?

2) Are the BT Sport channel's in HD? or is BT Sport HD gonna be extra?

3) If a customer already has a YouView box, could they just add any extra Plusnet TV content to it?


Do Plusnet have any update on this? I would hope that they contact customers one way or the other. Not sure whether to open a support ticket to get an update?


It's all gone very quiet and the thread in the Community Forum was locked some time ago. Any news?


i think it may have been shelved as no one who signed up for it like have not heard anything yet ????????


are well it was worth a try it may have been shelved/ i hope not and plus net may start the trial later in the year as the 2 weeks is well up


Got a reply to my ticket today:

Thanks for applying to take part in our TV Trials.

We are currently in the process of selecting participants for our trial and expect to be contacting successful applicants before the end of January.

In the meantime thank you for your patience.

In the process of selecting participants ?

Some mistake surely, "The trial is on a first come, first served basis so hurry .... "


@KevinG your lucky to of had a reply plusnet appears to have returned the ticket back to me along with the survey they asked to be filled in which it was.


Hi Ivan,

As long as the aerial receives terrestrial TV signals, it's fine - it's important those are tested as part of the trial, hence the requirement :) By the sound of it, yours is all good.


Hi Matthew Vas, sorry for the delay, I'm afraid we've no firm dates as yet but we'll be in touch as soon as we're able to.

I note that Plusnet say in their email to Kevin G that the successful volunteers will know before the end of January… is this still the case as plusnet don't seem to have started this process yet? I have registered but not even had an acknowledgement.


I think the trial has proved to be far more popular than they originally anticipated. It will take them some time to select the users\set ups who they think will provide the most relevant trial information that they need.


@Tim Parr - Hi, sorry to be a stickler but it was a ticket response from our support team and actually stated that "we expect to be contacting successful applicants before the end of January", which was the case at the time. We still hope that's the case but unfortunately it's looking unlikely at present. We will though be contacting the successful applicants as soon as we can.


@Matt Taylor

I've been accepted for the trial and have agreed to the t&cs.

My mother is keen to get involved with this as well, I was hoping you she may be able to submit a request. Could you maybe drop me a PM to discuss?


ive applied for your trial tv box but not heard from you i cannot get any emails only by my landline this will be as follows 02476591615 please reply to advise if ive been approvedanswer machine avalable if need be on my landline,yours faithfully k mckeown


@Plusnet Have you started contacting those who have been accepted? Certainly seems to be the case from what krs360 has just said.


Hi, if you've raised a ticket via the trials wizard then you've applied for the trial, however unless you've received a reply then you've not been accepted yet (though of course that's not to say you won't be).

Your mother would be welcome to apply, not sure what there is to discuss - as long as she's on Unlimited fibre she just needs to raise a ticket at as per the blog. If there is anything else needs discussing I'd have loved to help but unfortunately today is my last day, though you could PM Chris, Chris, Chris or Adam (yes there are three Chris's on our forums :D) on the community forums and they'll be able to advise.


Hi, I'm afraid we'll be replying via the same medium your application was sent in - if you can't get your emails I'd recommend either checking your tickets by logging in to our website every week or so (it'll tell you if the ticket has been updated as soon as you log in) though if you keep an eye on our forums you'll no doubt see when people are being accepted onto the trial due to the related posts appearing.


Hi, not to my knowledge we haven't, no. Hoping it'll not be too much longer though.


Can't see anything recent on the Community forums (the lack of a subforum in the Trials section doesn't help) and still had nothing other than an acknowledgement on my ticket (just over a month after I applied), so I am assuming nothing's happened yet.


Not just me then. Not sure if 'no news is good news' or the opposite.


Really sorry that we've not been in touch yet.

We've seen huge interest in the trial. We're working through the list of applicants and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.

Shame I missed the original trials, PlusNet didn't seem to make us aware of the potential trial. Would love to try this out, any idea what the pricing may be like?


Seems my ticket generated on application on 21st Dec to which Plusnet replied saying that they hoped to inform people who had been selected for trial by end of January has been closed as no reply for 14 days.

I know allot of people have applied but could Plusnet not open a thread on forum with regular updates, even if the thread was an information only thread to which members could not reply. It would also be nice for a general post to let people who have been unsuccessful that all places on the trial are now full.

This saga is dragging out and is not a good reflection on Plusnet for lack of information even though they are trying to filter out the best people for their trial service.

Thanks for reading my little rant but a quick update from Plusnet would be welcome.


There is a post on the forum which has had a few updates at:,123283.0.html

Last update on 5/2 was that they are still going through the applications and that nobody has been selected yet - just a case of being patient I think. 😉


Mine had closed as well, assume the applicants have all been dumped in an excel sheet?


Just received a response saying that I hadn't been accepted on to the trial due to not being on Unlimited Fibre (although I had said that I would be quite happy to upgrade if accepted)

Bit of a disappointment, but as I am currently still paying only £11.50 for my fibre connection (from being on the FTTC trials back when it was first being rolled out), I'll get over it.


Got an email today:

"We’re pleased to tell you that you have been successful in your application to take part in our TV trial. Due to overwhelming demand we will be adding customers onto our trial in phases, we currently estimate that we will add you onto our trial sometime during March and we will be in touch nearer the time to advise you of when you can expect your YouView box."


I realise now that perhaps I shouldn't have posted that due to confidentiality clause. Apologies.

I was too late in applying for the trial but I'm very interested in subscribing when it goes live. he primary reason is I want the BT Sport package, so that I can watch the World Rally Championship.

Any news about when the service may go live?

I have a 'paid for' Humax YouView box and plusnet unlimited fibre. I see that all the plusnet additional channels are available on my guide, but I get errors trying to access then (basically not authorised). Any chance of getting on the trial with my own box?

I'm in the same boat as MarkC and would be interested to know if this is possible. I was an original YouView trialist - we got to keep our trial boxes - it was one of those trials where the trialists are REWARDED for being a trialist :-)

Is the Plusnet hardware any different from a standard YouView box?


Hi Andy, we're only able to provide our additional channel content to customers on Unlimited Fibre. We aren't in the position to manage customers through an upgrade process on an individual basis because we couldn't be certain about getting everyone who wanted to on the trial.

We certainly haven't ruled out taking on board more triallists in the future.


I am on unlimited fibre and have applied for trial.I pointed out that I have my own youview box.I can see the additional channels in the guide,will I be able to receive them? Philip


Hi there phildin, you should be able to receive any extra channels if you're accepted for the trial.



Just wondering how the trial is progressing, as a prospective youview customer with unlimited fibre who missed the signup finding any further info on progress has been quite difficult.

How long before trial starts,Sky coming up for renewal??


Hi davecolley,

Sorry to hear you missed the trial. There's not any further information on this at the moment. As soon as we know anything we'll let you know!



Gerry Mc,

We've not got any further information regarding the trial. As soon as have any further information there will be an update.


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