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Best broadband supplier of the year – It’s award time again

November 9th, 2012 at 13:05 by Chris Parr

Computer Shopper award certificate.

We’re delighted to tell you that we’ve scooped the award for 'Best Broadband Supplier of the Year' at this year’s Computer Shopper awards.

We managed to beat off competitors such as Sky and Virgin Media to bag the accolade, the winners of which were chosen by the readers of Computer Shopper Magazine and its editorial team.

Read on to find out what Jamie Ford, our CEO had to say about this latest addition to the collection ...

Being acknowledged as the 'Best Broadband Supplier of the Year' shows that we're living up to our promise and making customers proud. It tells us that  many of you are happy with the great value broadband and phone packages and the award winning support we provide.

Jamie Ford, our CEO said this about the award:

"Its great to be named ‘Best broadband Supplier of the Year 2012’ by readers of Computer Shopper magazine and the award is a great reflection of the high quality products and services we provide here at Plusnet."

Being an award winning broadband provider only comes as the result of lots of hard work, and whilst it's nice to be recognised for our efforts, we're firm believers that there's always room for improvement. We're always looking for ways in which we can better ourselves, whether it's our UK-based customer support or getting involved with customers via Twitter and our Community Discussion Forums, we're always keen to hear your feedback.

So here's to our latest award, and here's to our promise to carry on doing you proud throughout 2012 and into 2013. Now where did I put that Ikea catalogue, I think we might be needing a new trophy cabinet at some point! 😉

What made you you choose Plusnet? What do you like about the service and if there's one thing you could improve what would it be? Leave a comment and let us know ...



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16 comments on "Best broadband supplier of the year – It’s award time again"


Well deserved congratulations to a great team. Your fibre broadband product is superb & your customer support is 2nd to none. I'be just persuaded my next door neighbours to join you in January.


Well done guys, richly deserved.

had trouble insalling a belkin router phoned customer servies. It was like having a frind in the room with me. was able to find out i was feed the right informtion into the router so i hope belkin customer service is as good as plusnets [force 9 in my case]. Thank you.

I think that plusnet is very good value for money the only complaint i can make is that it runs slow at times apart from that it is a very good.

I think that plusnet is very good value for money the only complaint i can make is that it runs slow at times

One thing you could consider doing it to extend some of your offers. For example you've just recently offered Fibre broadband at 5 quid for 3 months, but some of us (who would love this option) have had the work delayed at the exchange so instead of it going live at end of September it may go live at end of December (weeks after your offer ended).

How about some 'specials' where you use the list of exchanges and when they went live and offer a reduced fee for new customers (and existing customers upgrading) within 3 months of their exchange offering Fibre service ? Just a thought. I know it may be more complicated (esp if some street cabinets are not upgraded inside those 3 months) but surely it is in the interest of PlusNet and Openreach to 'drum up some orders' when something goes live!

Think PN is good value, hence my account name 'goodvalueisp' :)


Well done peeps!
Your CS is second to none!


Well done Plusnet on winning Best Broadband Supplier of the year award! This ISP just continues to improve year after year. At end of January I will be with 'em 4 years and the way things are looking I will be here for another 4 years or more.



Very well deserved. The customer service is astoundingly good - I stumbled across you by accident after having a second huge row with TalkTalk (hands down the WORST provider ever, even though it was my second attempt to sign up I never actually got provisioned with them!), you got me connected within 3 days. When I did have a strange issue I emailed you at 12:30am and had a working solution by 5am before I'd even woken up. Pretty much nothing to complain about (other than no unlimited bandwidth plans).

@ KEITH1MB USER - some price rises are outside PN's control. Openreach charges rental for line and services such as fibre or ADSL so when those go up, it affects every ISP. Some of the big, bad, and ugly players can absorb the charges for longer (as they make money on other services like subscription TV, or may do bundles that include mobile phone as well as landline/broadband) but I think many loyal PN customers will have seen reports by OFCOM and surveys which rate customer service lower for those other players.

It's not often I communicate with support or CS staff either about landlines or internet services, but have always found PN staff try to be helpful (though sometimes with their hands tied behind their back if it comes to company policy decisions) - and that's not saying that other firms (eg Claranet, Eclipse, to name a couple) don't also have friendly and helpful staff.

Certainly being able to speak to a UK call centre on an 0800 number makes a difference for me, and with discounts (because of referrals) I am likely to stay for the long term (hope to hit 10 years around the end of 18 months with Fibre). One thing I do hope, however, is that PN does not abandon customers who don't use Twitter (or the even more ghastly Facebook) as I have seen a number of firms expect customers to make contact via those methods and it seems like one way to alienate many older ('mature') customers.

Just a comment on your Blog entries - how about adding the YEAR in most of these titles - I saw a 'RELATED ARTICLES' link was for "Computer Shopper awards PlusNet 'Best Broadband Supplier'" but that was the 2007 article. If it had said 2007 (and if the current one said 2012) it would be far clearer whether a link is CURRENT or HISTORY - 5 years is quite a while in the internet world, after all !!

my broadband is constantly cutting out , dont know how you managed this one ! another reason im leaving Plusnet


@fairycherub, we probably didn't manage it to be fair, it sounds more like a line fault. Have you spoke to our helpdesk about it? If so, feel free to provide me with a fault ticket reference and I'll see if there's anything I can do to help.


well to be honest i dont know who does these polls type things voted best broadband of the year etc because they probably not even with the provider to see the facts of how its run never mind voting for the company

Daughter recently signed up with Plusnet....WOW brilliant can't wait for my own contract to expire with the talktalk shower, roll on October, worse decision I've ever made can't afford the £200 to cancel early.


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