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Speeding onto your TV screens with our new fibre advert

September 21st, 2012 at 17:25 by Bob Pullen

The Old Lady

Tomorrow we’re set to launch a brand new TV ad injecting a bit of light hearted life into our superfast fibre broadband offerings. For those who missed the news last month our fast, and affordable fibre now offers speeds up to eight times faster than conventional copper broadband.

This ad premieres tomorrow night during X Factor and will run until 23rd November. Those who follow us on Facebook or Twitter will already have seen the teasers pics we’ve been posting over recent days. For the rest of you, and for those who can’t wait until tomorrow night, help yourself to a early preview by checking out the YouTube vid below ...

The new advert, a cross between the blockbuster movies Days of Thunder and Talladega Nights, uses a wide range of characters from an ice cream seller and learner driver, to main character Joe and his dad driving vehicles at high-speed. The advert highlights the benefits of superfast broadband and that more people can get faster speeds with Plusnet Fibre, without having to pay the earth for it.

Our Commercial and Marketing Director, Nick Rawlings, said:

“This is the first time we have promoted our fibre product on TV and we’re excited to be introducing an up to 76Mb/s broadband product at this market leading price. Plusnet really wants people to get superfast at a super price!”

We’ve made a host of changes to our fibre products recently, including the introduction of a new Plusnet Extra Fibre product, boasting a healthy 250GB usage allowance, download speeds of up to 76Mb/s and upload speeds of 19.5Mbps from just £19.99/month.

When we surveyed our early fibre trialists, an impressive 57% told us that this improved fibre product made the internet more integral to their lifestyle than it was already. It’s not just our Extra Fibre product that’s had a bit of a revamp recently either - we’ve also increased the upload speeds of our Value Fibre package from 1.9Mb/s to 9.5Mb/s.

What do you think of our new ad and what would you like to see in the next? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below ...



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8 comments on "Speeding onto your TV screens with our new fibre advert"


That's fast enough to use up the allowance in about 8 hours!

Hey great ad. Whats the red car though?


Brilliant ad guys.

Awesome ad and lots of cool cars!

The red car is an Ultima kit car by the way!


Yep, here's the full line up:

1) Dodge Charger
2) Lotus Evora
3) Lotus 19
4) Ultima
5) Mini
6) Ice cream van
7) Cobra
8) Nascar
9) Honda Accord Tourer
10) Mini
11) Hot Rod

The advert i want to enquire about is the one a while ago when he's on a hillside and there's a boy's choir behind him. I wanted to know where is that filmed? It looks like a place i went to visit, when i went up to Skipton. I know it's not actually Skipton, but i was told that according to legend, two giants used to throw a ball to each other across the valley. Thanks.


Hi Simon, it was filmed on Ilkley Moor.

I love this videso since it is filmed at rockingham speedway which is lierally just along the street from me, a 2 min drive. Rockingham is an amzing track, very fast, with great views of at least 90% of the track from any seat. I loe the fact we can wander round the pits on race days and talk to the drivers and ogle the cars :) It was a great idea to have the cars race round especially the icecream truck. It remined me of the Morecombe and Wose catch when you hear a police siren and Eric says he'll never sell many icecreams going at that speed.


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