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New Plusnet Webmail platform goes live

April 10th, 2012 at 10:00 by Bob Pullen

Webmail screenshotThose of you familiar with our Webmail platform may have noticed this morning that it's had a bit of a facelift.

We've been running an open trial of the new service since late last year and have been really happy with the results so today we've decided to remove the 'beta' label and make the service the default Webmail offering.

The old Webmail platform will run in parallel with the new service for a few months but will eventually be decommissioned. Until then, you can access it by clicking the 'basic webmail' button on the login page or by browsing to

When you first log into the new Webmail platform, any address book entries from the old platform should be automatically carried across. We've seen a few examples today where this hasn't (or has only partially) happened though so if you find yourself in this position then please refer to the information I've posted over on our discussion forums.

If you've not yet had chance to familiarise yourself with the new Webmail platform then have a read of my post from December last year that showcases some of the basics.

Feel free to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below ...


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148 comments on "New Plusnet Webmail platform goes live"


could someone tell me how to get to the compose page on this new website.I am completely baffled by the new set up.Why change something that worked well previously?

Totally RUBBISH new set up. Change it back please or I will be moving to another company. Why can't you people leave well alone????

Not happy at all with this - think I'll start looking for a new ISP. As stated above - why change something that works ?


I actually like the new set up :)

why meddle???? leave basic webmail alone,or i will looking for new isp too.if aint broke why fix it??looks too complicated & hard to navigate.who actually thinks up these half baked ideas'??


Where's Message Highlighting Folder Preferences Gone ?

Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish who the messages are from, especially for mailing lists.


Let's have folder size without having to go through menus and clicking.

Takes a long time to show me 1.5gb folder size.


Bottom half of the top right menus does not show unless I make fonts really really small on 2 browsers


Compose .... hover cursor over 2nd icon.

Names for icons would be nice.


Its Crap. I can only delate one message at a time. I can only send an e-mail to one person at a time. etc etc. It was done without any warning and took me ages to get any mail. I pay for broadband at two different addresses and don't want to waste my time figuring out what some techno geek has inflicted without warning. I just am not computer savvy enough to figure this lot out. Why are you treating long-time customers like this?
John Keith


I only use PlusNet Webmail as backup for my other main email provider, ( PlusNet Webmail is unavailable too often) if that is working ok, I just delete all whenever I log in anyway.

I too am not impressed with the new format of email's and agree with the comments made about it. When I logged on it took me ages to find out what to do. Why did you people have to mess about with the old format, like the man said 'if it ain't broke why mend it'. I also now have to log in with my full email address instead of one letter.


Thanks for the feedback everybody.

Please be mindful that we haven't just landed this on people. There's been *loads* of discussion with existing customers over recent years about our Webmail offering. Take for example the 53 page forum thread over here! -,270.0.html

It stands to reason that any change is going to take some getting used to. This is why **the old platform is still available to use** whilst you familiarise yourself with things. You can get to it by either clicking the 'basic webmail' link on the login screen or browsing to

@aer4mjr, this is where the compose message button is -

@debbie @roger, sorry to hear you don't like the new platform. What aspects of it don't you like compared to the old offering?

SquirrelMail was only ever intended as a temporary solution when we replaced our AtMail-based Webmail platform several years ago - although it's understandable I guess that many of you won't have been around that long.

@PlusComUK, Can you try and keep feedback to a single post or perhaps amalgamate your feedback and take it to the discussion forums. It's going to be hard to address your concerns/observations here in the format you've posted them in.

- Message highlighting is not a feature of the new platform so is no longer available.
- You can't see folder size at all using the last platform so I'm guess you're asking for the new functionality to be made more accessible.
- Regarding the menu placement, perhaps you can provide a screengrab? What resolution are you using? It would need to be 1024x768 mimumum.
- Names for icons should be achieveable by altering the skin. In fact it looks like this is already planned for the next build of the software -
In the interim they have alt text if you hover over them.

By the way, if you've a folder that's 1.5GB then you ideally need to take measures to reduce its size as that's above the maximum amount of storage we normally allow.

@John, you can delete multiple messages at any one time as I explained in my reply to your forum post here -,103921.msg884269.html#msg884269
Also, we did *not* implement this without warning. We opened the platform up for testing last December and I posted a service announcement in advance of the work taking place.

you can delete more than one email at a time.
I'm so glad they have got rid of that stupid code you had to put in each time which was not very user friendly in a busy workplace. I hated the last version so much. Happy to give this one a go.


The reason i chose Plusnet webmail in the first place was for it's no nonsense, clear, "does what it says on the tin " format and functioning. Consequently, I really dislike this new webmail which is fiddly and unclear. i can get this elsewhere. Given that the old webmail is being phased out, and that Plusnet looks so far that it isn't going to take much heed of all this negative feedback, i also will most likely will be joining the ranks of those who will be looking for a new ISP once my current package expires.


My main concern is the new 5.5m attachment limit. The old 7m was restrictive enough, now if you want to send a pdf of reasonable substance, you have to convert it into a number of small jpegs. Also all the added information regarding my address book i.e. phone numbers etc. has disappeared, is there any way of transferring it from the old system?


Fantastic! Immeasurably improved over the old webmail, which was slow and clunky.

Thank you PlusNet for this excellent upgrade.


@M Robertson, sorry you don't like it. Have you looked at collecting your email from a dedicated email application rather than relying on Webmail? Not everybody is going to like the new version, but the majority of feedback we've had whilst people have been testing it is favourable.

It's ironic really. SquirrelMail was intended as a temporary replacement for something that was certainly not a basic offering, and at the time many people didn't take to kindly us dumbing things down so significantly -

Have you looked at Gmail? You could configure that to pick your Plusnet email up if you prefer its interface? Would be a shame to see you move ISP over something so trivial.

@Graham, didn't realise the attachment limit was different. I'll see if we can get that changed. What information besides the phone number is missing? Not sure if we can migrate it across but we might be able to provide you with an exported copy.

I have had problems for a few days then i was not informed about the change i hate it have an awful time loggin in will be leaving for a better internet provider


Hi Christina, I'd suggest subscribing to our Service Status RSS/Email feed if you'd like to be informed of changes like this.

It also helps to keep tabs on the blogs we post here.

Why are you having so many problems logging in and what is it you don't like about the new platform. You are aware you can still use the old one for the time being whilst you get used to it aren't you?


My initial reaction -"this is terrible", but I'm getting used to it. However, like someone else has mentioned, I've lost some info from my address book which I'd like to get back. It would be possible to put it back, but I don't know where to put it. I used this information to group addresses together, & I'd like to be able to do that again. Is there a help section somewhere that you can look at to find out how to do things?

I have participated on the trial phase and am fairly satisfied with the performance of the Beta. Two points I have raised are 1. There seems to be a very much shorter time allowed when composing an email compared with SM. Timing out is a PITA. 2.The Address book is very much the inferior set-up. I Will stick with SM as long as it lasts.


@Stella, we've not any help articles yet. We were looking to update the existing ones tomorrow. If there's anything people would like to see added to these guides then let me know.


@Graham @Stella, was the information you're missing originally entered in the 'Additional info' field of the SquirrelMail address book?

Well, this new system has totally messed everything up for me - I can no longer log-in to my mailboxes, despite Plusnet analysts saying they've tested them and there shouldn't be a problem.
I need this sorting out pronto but seem to be going around in circles.

(Forgive my ignorance but is Webmail the same as E-Mail ? )

I've had due cause to be unhappy with some aspects of Plusnet (Chiefly the performance of the Customer Disservice people), but this new WebMail is clear and instinctive. I have no problem with it at all, so well done.

I am a recent migrator from Madasafish and think that plusnet is brilliant! (That's not to say that I was dissatisfied with madasafish. Far from it - I moved for economy reasons). However, I thought the old plusnet mail was not up to scratch and still used my web log in to madasfish. Now that has all changed with the new version. It is simple and clear -I love it! Long may it continue.

Hmmm.. this interface looks familiar.. Yes, RoundCube if I'm not mistaken :-) The old "SquirrelMail" was very basic and an upgrade was definitely needed. Did you consider Horde in your choices? That seems to be one of my favourite webmail packages (although, saying that, most of my non-plusnet stuff goes through GMail.) Would be great if you could plusify the buttons along the top. Maybe you should launch a competition to find a budding artist to design some new buttons? - offer a months free broadband for the winner? 😉

One thing I would like to see please is the ability to change the size of the fonts. This was available in the other version. I tried to increase the font size in the new version by pressing Ctrl and the + key but the text just wouldn't change size.

I was forced to use the old system for three months while away from home and found it very cumbersome.

The new Webmail is BRILLIANT! I much prefer it to Outlook Express.


@Graham @Stella, was the information you're missing originally entered in the 'Additional info' field of the SquirrelMail address book?

Yes Bob as well as the obligatory email addresses, there are other details such as phone numbers etc. in the SquirrelMail. I realise additional info. can be added to the new address book by dragging the right side of the panel across the page and editing the highlighted name with the subsequent drop down menu. I just wondered if there was a less time consuming method of transferring information 'en bloc' rather than individually?


Yes Bob it was.


Thanks. It's odd because the information doesn't seem to be stored in the same database table as all the other fields.


I'll have a word with someone to see if there's any way of importing the data but I can't make any promises.

I find the new web site very austere to look at. Does it have to be this clunky?

I dislike the way there is an extra pane below the emails which is difficult to remove.

If you move from inbox to eg sent mail, it all has to reload when you return.

Far too much loading going on virtually all the time.

Can we have the old interface back please?


Diane, you can disable the preview pane by navigating to Settings > Mailbox View.
The loading should be similar across both platforms as they both connect to our mail servers using IMAP. The old platform doesn't have the fancy javascript loading indicator though. The old interface is still available if you'd rather carry on using that however it's unlikely to be around forever.


I'm sticking with the old one, it's much more user friendly.

After being requested to reduce a folder size, I did so by creating new folders and transferring emails.

What a palaver, must have taken me well over an hour, kept being logged out, error messages because move couldn't handle more than 5 emails at a time ( out of 60+)

Had to quit and re-log in many times

Some emails copied across, not moved

Couldn't delete folders, did so eventually, a day later

Kept having to log out and back in to see the folders correctly.

etc, etc

At least PN webmail is only a back up for my emails.

To see how it should be done, graphically and instantly, look at Apple Mail !!

Hi: Have just logged on to my email. What the heck,is going on? What has
been the point of changing to what has been a brilliant email program
I can't at the moment 'save' my username and password, I'm now having
to type this in everytime I want to use Plusnet email. What's the
point of changing this? for me it has worked great for the past 3
years or so. I don't like it at all. Can I please have the old email
interface back ASAP. I find it much more friendly.How can I get back?
Regards Ron...


@Mike Wilson @geraldscotford @Gordon thanks for the positive feedback!

@Joyce, if you provide me with some means of identifying your account then I'll hapily take a look into your problem (support ticket reference or username?) If we can log in though then it suggests that there's nothing wrong with your email account or the new Webmail platform. You are aware you can still use the old Webmail platorm aren't you? Email isn't the same as Webmail. Your email can be accessed in a multitude of ways, using Webmail is just one of them.

@James Pask, yes we did look at Horde (We used to use Horde as a Webmail solution for our Pay As You Host brand). Thanks for the suggestion regarding the buttons. There's been a few requests from people that we change them so hopefully we'll get round to updating the skin at some point. What browser are you using? It's odd that CTRL/+ doesn't work. It does for me using the latest build of Firefox.

@PlusComUK, Apple Mail is a local email client though isn't it? It's bound to be more efficient than a web-based application. The problem housekeeping your mailbox sounds like it would have happened with the old Webmail platform too.


@Ron, sorry you don't like it. See here for information about saving your username and password, it's something we're looking to introduce -,100755.msg884160.html#msg884160

You can access the old platform by clicking the 'basic webmail' hyperlink on the login page or by browsing directly to

Thanks Bob, all is now sorted ! Turns out I was using the wrong passwords -simply because after so many years of not having to type them in (as mentioned by Ron above)I had to guess and, unfortunately, got them wrong. I have since worked out how to change passwords.....


@ Ron Brock "can't at the moment 'save' my username and password, I'm now having
to type this in everytime I want to use Plusnet email. What's the
point of changing this?"

I forgot to mention this, it is extremely annoying may have to change username and password to a single letter, if I can.


@PlusComUK, your comment was probably tongue in cheek however the minimum number of characters you can choose when changing your password is eight.


tic maybe. Looks like my password will perhaps be 8 character the same then.

Will this be sorted though, one click and you're in from remember username and password as on the older (current) webmail ?


Hi I have been with this ISP since the very beginning with Force 9, I've seen lots of changes over the years and it would take a lot to make me change. Most of the complaints seem to be about things which are actually there but are just "different", yes the old mail had some pluses - highlighting mail was really useful - and if the username and server could be remembered as before that would be great. You can still mark and move multiple mail by highlighting first and then using the buttons or click and drag. Apply some basic computing skills and it works really well.


Tesco webmail is an example of how to do it.
Colourful, fast to load and perform actions, never had an error message yet, and doesn't log you out for ages.

totally baffled... please change it back now!!!! ive ended up deleting all my saved emails because i dont understand whats going on here. on the old format i could show a whole page of emails and mark them to be deleted accordingly. now all i get is a small box which wont show all messages, its a farce!!!!

It has taken 10 years for my children and grandchildren to talk me into going "on line". It has taken Plusnet 5 minutes to turn me off the idea, revert to sanity or I am afraid that it is "auf wiedersehen pet" Eric Sharp- aged 80 and too old to become an IT expert????.

It took my children and grandchildren 10 years to persuade me to go "on-line". It has taken Plusnet 5 minutes to make me regret that decision. Do something or I am afraid it is "auf wiedersehen pet"-I am too old at 80 to become,or indeed want to be an I.T. expert. Regards Eric Sharp.

I just had my dad (Plusnet customer) on the phone saying he's back from holiday and couldn't get into Webmail any more. I managed to direct him to the new but he says there's now no option to delete email. Can anyone tell me where this has been "hidden"? (I cannot log in to actually see myself).

Dan the Van

select the email you want to delete, you can drag and drop it to the Deleted items folder or click on the red Ø icon


Personally I find the new web interface an improvement over the old squirrelmail.

One feature I would like added however is the ability to add the TO: email address field in the list options, and be able to sort by it. Emails to multiple addresses come in to my default Plusnet inbox. It would be useful to be able to see, filter, and sort by those addresses.

However I wouldn't be using webmail at all if Plusnet had proper encryption on communications to/from their email servers. Any clues as to when that's likely to occur...if ever? I'm surprised providing a new webmail client was deemed more useful/important than fixing that omission first. The standard response "...we're looking into launching this feature..." is wearing a bit thin after all these years waiting for it.


Re the CTRL+ thing - it only seems to work if you click on the folders part of the interface first - if you click on the preview or message sections it doesn't work (for me at least).


Of course,as in webmail and PN forums CTRL click does absolutely nothing for Apple users, should be a linky box instead.

Is it not feasible to keep the older version of PlusNet webmail, as there is a definite split from posters ?

tried to send email ,despite entering address,was asked for one recipient,why?



Just a couple of questions / pointers

a) There doesn’t appear to be an option to access the Metronet SM server (

b) What is the maximum capacity of each mail account, and is this larger than that currently available on the old webmail?

c) There may have been plenty of notification / discussion the new webmail on the PlusNet site, but I don’t recall anything for us Metronet folks

d) Finally, my contact list has also failed to migrate across (helpdesk ticket already raised on the Metronet portal)

Other than that, I have quite pleased with the new webmail layout


Absolute rubbish! Bring back the old email. This is a disaster. I will have to change.


Generally I like the new system, which I find faster, and I've not had any trouble adapting to the different ways of doing things. However one thing is driving me mad ! Several times I have been logged out with 'Your Session is Invalid or has Expired', then when I log in again I get 'Service not currently available' Error 500. I then go back a page and hey presto I'm logged in again. Tonight it happened right in the middle of sending an email with an attachment, and I lost half the e mail and had to do the attachment again. Very annoying. Is it just me, and/or is it something that can be changed ?


Generally I am happy with the new system - I am a Force 9 Webmail user. However I have created folders which I cannot delete even though they are empty. Have tried clicking subscribed and unsubscribe. Can you help?

Also some of my contacts were missing. Also I miss the facility enabling me to send the same e-mail to multiple addressees. How do I send an e-mail to several addressees?

Many thanks.

Karen Berry


If it ain't broke, don't fix it, springs to mind.

Just how was this beta tested ?

The new webmail is great. I found the old one too basic for my requirements and ended up mostly using Yahoo by diverting my messages there. The new one does everything I need it to do, and was fairly easy to figure out. I read the initial comments on this page and I'm not sure why people seem to be having so many problems, it seemed pretty simple and straightforward to me. Thanks for the upgrade, it will make a big difference to me. Also glad to see you can now use it from elsewhere without captchas, that is a lot more sensible for a web-based service.


@PlusComUK, I may be wrong but it looks to me like Tesco Webmail is built using Horde. This is one of the Webmail applications we looked at but we ended up opting for Roundcube instead as it was more suited to our email platform/requirements -

@joanbridson, you can still show a whole page of emails and mark them to be deleted. Under 'Settings' > 'User Interface' you can choose how many emails to display on each page. To highlight multiple emails all you need to do is hold Control on your keyboard and then left-click to select each message (exactly as you would using a standalone email application liuke Outlook).

@ericsharp, you can still access the old platform whilst you get used to the new system.

@Cliff, as @Dan the Van has said, you left-click the message you want to delete and then either:

- Drag it to the 'Deleted Items' folder
- Press the delete key on the keyboard
- Press the red Ø icon

Alternatively you can right-click the message and then left-click 'Delete' from the context menu.

@tuxian, I can see how having the ability to add a sort column based on the recipient address would be helpful. I wonder if there's a plugin that would achieve this? (had a quick look and couldn't find anything). Regarding the SSL aspect of things, there's still nothing definitive on the roadmap I'm afraid :(

@auto98, odd. Another option would be to use the Windows magnifier I guess (assuming you're using Windows of course). That's enabled via the Windows key and +/-

@PlusComUK, If memory serves me correctly, the CTRL click equiveilient when using a MAC is to use the Apple key rather than CTRL.

@jimandeileen, I'm not sure I know what you mean?

@davidwd, in answer to your questions:

a) Sorry for not making this clear. If I'm completely honest I overlooked this when writing the above article. Due to the differentiation between the Plusnet and Metronet SquirrelMail installs, it's only the Plusnet one that's still available.

b) We suggest against exceeding more than 1GB of stored mail on the platform. This hasn't changed. The mail storage platform used by both the old and new platforms is the same.

c) The discussion forums are open to Metronet customers and we welcome them there. You'll notice there's a Metronet logo towards the bottom-right of the Community Site. The platform was open to Metronet customers during the Beta trials.

d) I'll see if I can get somebody to take a look ...

@D McDaid, perhaps you can elaborate on why you think the new platform is 'rubbish'? It may well be that you're overlooking a feature it's actually capable of supporting.

@Kate, How long had your session been idle before you got the message. Were you composing a long email when it happened. It sounds a little like this -,103128.0.html

@PlusComUK, the platform was tested amongst 100 or so closed trialists who had access to the Roundcube forum on the Community Site to provide feedback (the forum was hidden back then). We opened up access to everybody late last year and have been running both services in parallel for some time now. The platform was also tested by members of staff and our Quality Assurance Team/Network Engineers.


@karenberry, I'll arrange for your contacts to be reimported over the next day or two which should hopefully sort out the missing contacts.

Not sure about the folder thing. You should be able to click the icon bottom-left, select 'Manage Folders', highlight the folder in question and then click icon bottom-left again and then 'Delete'. Is that not working?

You can send mail to multiple addresses by either creating a contact group and using that, or by browsing to your address book, holding down the Control key on your keyboard and then left-clicking the addresses you want to send to before clicking 'Compose mail to ...'


Whilst testing the platform, were any Apple users involved, then possibly the correct Apple keys (in brackets) may have also been included ?

"CTRL click equivalent when using a MAC is to use the Apple key rather than CTRL"

Thanks for reminding me of a substitution I haven't used in years.

When you log into webmail from the Member Centre and then log out, in the old (basic) version you had the option to return to the Member Centre but can't see that in the new version!



Thank you for timely response. Just a couple of concerns since my last post:

Around midday I altered some personal server setting and added a new contact (although my Metronet contracts have not been migrated yet).

This evening I find that the server settings I entered have changed (default settings?) and the contact I added has gone missing.




Thanks for your response Bob. The session had not been idle long when I was logged out. Less than a minute probably - I was only checking the (not very long) e mail for typos before sending and it happened at exactly the same moment I clicked on 'send'. Today it happened again just after I clicked send, but this time the e mail went ok. And this time the session had not been idle at all. I haven't been able to get into your link presumably because I'm not registered on the Forum. If there's some good advice there perhaps I should ......! Apart from this hiccup, I really like the new system.

If you are going to make changes, why not forewarn people? You've changed the logon address so it took me time and trouble to find the new one.

Why annoy your customers unnecessarily? I though Plusnet was better than most ISPs now I wonder.

And why has the 'Remember Me' box in the Login screen been removed? Again why make more work for your customers?

I love the new set-up but do not find it easy to move e-mails to folders. Should be less cumbersome.

This website is crap, why dont they just leave things as they were, plusnet could have had the decency to let there members have a voice and decide. they just presume that everything is ok well its not. bring back the old webmail.


Time for a Poll ?


A professionally designed, intuitive webmail facility.

A major step forward, consolidating a most valuable service of an ISP that I always feel is designed especially for me!

Well done, yet again!



"- Regarding the menu placement, perhaps you can provide a screengrab? What resolution are you using? It would need to be 1024x768 mimumum."

Screen size 1920 x 1080

Screen grab here:,103934.msg885618.html#msg885618


Quick update folks regarding some of the issues raised here ...

Regarding the inability to save usernames/passwords, have a read of my latest post here -,100755.msg885664.html#msg885664

The maximum allowed file size for attachments has now been increased from 5Mb to 7Mb. Thanks to Graham for bringing that to our attention. I'm surprised it was missed during the beta trials.

Kate, we've increased the session timeout so please let me now if you continue encountering problems. If you do then it would be helpful to know what web browser you're using and whether or not you're using any specific Internet secuirty applications or plugins.

Those who reported missing address book entries should now have had these imported. We identified an issue where Metronet address books weren't being migrated correctly. We fixed around 300 accounts this morning that had this problem (David, I think it might be this work that also led to the oddities you noticed yesterday).

@Andy we haven't changed the login address, you should be using the same credentials you've always used? We also gave customers warning. We opened the platform up for testing last December and I posted a planned maintenance announcement in advance of the work taking place. You might want to consider subscribing to our Community Site RSS feed or Service Status announcements if you don't want to miss information like this in the future. Sorry if it came as a surprise.

@e amore, do you realise that you can bulk select and 'drag and drop' emails into folders like you would with a dedicated email application? You just need to hold control and left click the messages you want to move before dragging the selection into the folder of your choice.

@mark, I'm sorry you don't like it but rest assured we did engage customers whilst we were beta trialling the service. Please also be mindful that the previous Webmail iteration was only ever intended as a temporary solution when we were forced to retire it's predecessor several years back.

@PlusComUK, thanks for the screengrab. I'll reply over on the forum thread.


The new one is much better, slicker and faster. I was constantly being thrown off the other one which was slow and clunky. Had been using the new one in test and really liked it! VERY happy to see it introduced. Don't go back, please or I'll have to stick to Outlook from now on... :-)


@The maximum allowed file size for attachments has now been increased from 5Mb to 7Mb. Thanks to Graham for bringing that to our attention. I'm surprised it was missed during the beta trials.

Thanks Bob
As a Rights Of Way officer for a local council, I have to send quite large pdfs of maps etc.,the 5mb was a little restrictive. Regarding my other question about transferring the added information from the SM address book. I did manage to cut and paste it into the new system without spending too much time. I think the new system works OK, but then you can't please everyone a hundred percent of the time!
Thanks for your help
Graham Rains.


Contact migration seems to be ok now – thank you.

Something you mentioned earlier:

“b) We suggest against exceeding more than 1GB of stored mail on the platform. This hasn't changed. The mail storage platform used by both the old and new platforms is the same”

By my calculation I have approximately 52Mb of stored messages and I still have to cull some of them occasionally to able to receive new messages.

So my questions are
a) Is this the normal stored mail size limit for the Metronet servers?

b) What does the compact function do in the webmail server settings?

c) Would the compact function allow more storage capacity in my particular case?

Is there a problem with exporting contacts has I get a message – something about “not being able to connect to the Metronet server” – I am trying to do a backup as a precaution?



hi,I think the new webmail system is a definite improvement on squirrel mail.A few questions that i have come across;How do you create groups and transport addresses into the new groups;how can font sizes be changed,text made bold and underlined;when sending an e mail to numerous addresses how can pages in address book be changed to get at additional addresses without losing the addresses already highlighted with Ctrl key pressed.



a) Sorry, I seem to be making a habit of overlooking Metronet customers! Metronet mailboxes have a hard quota of 50Mb if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can get this increased.

b) I suspect it 'expunges' deleted messages which is an IMAP function (Roundcube accesses the mail collection servers over IMAP).

c) Yes, if you've recently deleted/moved any messages.

I'm not aware of a problem exporting messages. I've just tried and managed to save a .vcf of my address book to my desktop using the latest build of Firefox.


To create a group
- Click 'Address Book'
- Highlight 'Personal Addresses' on the left and then click the '+' bottom-left
- Enter a name for the group and press Enter

To assign addresses to a group
- Click 'Address Book'
- Highlight 'Personal Addresses'
- Select the addresses to add to the group (using CTRL-click where necessary) and then drag the selection to the group you want to add to in the left-hand navigation pane

Changing font size/styling
The font size for inbound messages can't be changed via the Webmail interface but you might be able to use your browser zoom (CTRL and +/- keys on your keyboard) to increase/decrease the size of text. You can alter the font/size/styling of outbound messages using the TinyMCE editor however you'll need to make sure you're composing the message in HTML format (see the drop-down at the bottom-right of the mail composition window or alternatively navigate to Settings > Composing Messages > Compose HTML messages and choose 'Always' from the drop-down.

Regarding the selection of addresses from the Address Book prior to sending an email, I would suggest always selecting multiple recipients from the 'Personal Addresses' group or alternatively use the autocomplete feature of the email composition window itself.


The export of contacts is working ok if I go to webmail via the Plusnet login,
apparently if I go via the Metronet login contact export doesn’t work.



I was initially pleased to see a spell checker, but I've turned it off, because (a) it picks up the silliest things as mistakes, including email addresses, & (b) I can't see how to make it accept some of the things it doesn't like.


Hi Stella, you need to left-click the underlined selection to accept words etc.


No more log outs recently - it's all been working great. I usually use Firefox, but have noted your suggestions. Thanks for your help Bob, it's appreciated.


I have just started to be requested to log in twice. Although my first attempt is word and character perfect, the message 'Invalid request no data saved' comes up and I have to repeat the pass word before being able to log in. This happens every time, so it's not caused by a typing error. What is the reason for this?

Hi, I was not pleased with the changes appearing out of the blue. The first I knew about it was when I clicked on my link I had set up and it didn't work as the login location appeared to have moved. I then had to reset any links, shortcuts and favorites that I had set up. My email onon my phone continued to work until the middle of this week when it suddenly stopped and I have not got it working yet! This was not clever when I was away on a course all week and this was the only connection that I had to my Mail. I have come back to some urgent messages that needed sorting. From what I can tell the mail details do not seem to have changed server names and ports etc seem to be the same but it will not work. I have a Galaxy Ace - can you advise what I need to do to get it reconnected! thanks

Its crap and not tested properly.
Often I select an email from the list and the one displayed in the preview window is the next one in the list, the indexing is wrong.
The html signatures will not work properly


As I mentioned in a forum post, the new site doesn't work well with Android 4 (confirmed by another user) also there seems no obvious way of syncing the address book. The address on the new site is a few weeks out of date compared to the squirrel mail site. There doesn't seem to have been enough testing done before releasing it to the world.
For now I'll be keeping to squirrel mail

Hi Bob,
I was initially impressed by the sharper, more focused look of the new webmail platform, however, became frustrated at the apparent reduction in functionality, it was only when I viewed previous customer comments that I found answers to certain questions.
I would respectfully suggest that a pre-launch summary of the key functionality differences, such as how to delete multiple e-mails without reading them (spam,phishing)), would have negated much of the negative response from customers.



Following on from my previous message.

Through experimentation I have found that I can only export contacts when I login to webmail via the Plusnet portal (if I go via Metronet, exporting contacts is not possible).

I can only seem to be able to export one contact at a time – is this correct or am I missing something?

Do you thing it will be possible to get the Metronet 50Mb limited raised?



Could we please have a link from the webmail log in page to go back to the main plusnet page, instead of having to use the browser back button.

Thank you



Kathryn - If you click on the 'plusnet' logo above the log in box, that will take you back to the main page.


i prefer new mail , runs must faster with a folder full of emails .. as i never clear mine out ...


Well I've just used your new Webmail site and I think it is so much better, fresher and more up to date than the old one. Also, if you are an Outlook user or the like, your new site is very intuitive and easy to use. Sorry folks that don't like it but it is so much better than many others. Well done Plusnet. Keep up the excellent work. And, by the way, thanks.


@Graham, not familiar with that one. Is it still happening?

@Maria, apologies if you felt you had insufficient warning. We recognised that some people were going to be in this position which is why we set up redirects and links back to the old platform.

Your inability to access mail on your phone will be absolutely nothing to do with our Webmail platform (assuming yoy weren't accessing Webmail from your phone of course. I can't really advice on what you need to do to fix the problem without a little more information I'm afraid, especially give the variation that exists between email applications on Android handsets.

@paulID, the software uses IMAP so indexing shouldn't really present much of a problem. It may be due to a browser/server caching setting somewhere however I've not had much luck replicating it. You could always disable the message preview? After all, it wasn't available when using the old platform. If you've any idea how I can replicate the issue then I'll happily look into it. I've been using Roundcube with another provider for over a year now and I've never noticed this happening. I've also had a look for reports of similar problems from other Roundcube users but haven't been able to find anything -

Why won't the HTML signatures work? What problem are you having with them?

@paulgul, if you add an address to SquirrelMail then it *will not* sync up with Roundcube. It hasn't been designed to do that. The only address book synchronisation that occurs happens the *first time* you log into the new platform. We've carried out months of testing, including opening the platform up to customers before we made the decision to switch the default offering.

Regarding Android 4, the site isn't likely to work too well on a mobile browser, it would be much more efficient to set up access to your account using IMAP and either the stock Android mail client or a third party alternative.

@Steven, we've altered the Help & Support content on our website now and I'll look at getting this linked to from the Webmail login page -
We'll add a bit about selecting multiple items. Anythign else you think ould be handy?

@davidwd, I'll see if I can get the 50Mb limit raised. Not sure about the contact thing though. I can export contacts irrespective of the method I use to access Webmail (via the direct URL or the Metronet Site itself) and opening the .vcf in a text editor shows all the entries to be there :\

@16vmini @Namyp, thanks for the positive feedback! :)

All well and good but what about enabling port 587 for outgoing mail? So would not have to go near webmail and can stick with desktop program when out and about. Many wifi places are now blocking port 25 to send.



James, it's in the pipeline. It's actually already enabled on the and VIPs (you'll not be able to use your Plusnet login credentials with these).

what a major improvement over the old Squirrel mail system - much more user friendly

shame that I now use Gmail for most of personal mail


For what it's worth, I prefer the new webmail. Having been with PN for many years now, I remember the move to the previous "temporary" solution following a security issue with its predecessor, and never liked the "temporary" version.



Just an observation

The spellchecker seems pretty poor, cannot cope with some reasonably simple words.


I'm surprised at the amount of negative feedback. I've loved the new webmail from the moment I found the "beta" version. For me, it's always updated much quicker than the old version and it's much slicker, with the drag-n-drop functionality, etc. Flagging messages or marking unread is instant on a point-and-click. The type-ahead on entering addresses is really quick, too.

Some of the negatives look like they are because people haven't got used to it yet. For example, it _is_ possible to move and delete multiple messages.

I've stopped using Outlook in favour of Plusnet webmail. Thanks.


Where has all the additional information gone that was in the old address book 'other info' box (where I kept addresses, landline numbers etc) - none of this seems to have transferred across into the new address book? Surely this could have been added to the new 'Notes' box? How can I retrieve this?

Apart from the above issue I prefer the new look over the old.



Baffled at the usability comments to be honest.

I've used dozens of different mail systems since the mid 1990s. I tried Squirrel out for a while, and found it totally counterintuitive because (like the first GMAIL) it seemed to ignored most of the standard ways of doing stuff.

The new one took me 3 seconds to adapt to because it works basically the same way every other major mail system - Yahoo Mail, Outlook Web Access, Hotmail etc - has worked for years.

Multiple message select and delete for example (hold CTRL to select individual messages, hold SHIFT to select a consecutive range, then press DEL to delete) is the same as every other standard webmail setup I've ever used, plus Windows Explorer has worked the exact same way for a good 17 years...


Oh - and to move emails, you drag and drop same as every "fat" email client I've ever had allows you to.

I really like the new webmail page. It is clean and fresh.

I would like to make an observation and sorry if this has been noted before. You used to be able to click a point at the top of the list of e-mails to select 'all' and then delete or other action. This seems to have disappeared. Could it be put back in please.

thanks (I may spot other things as I use it more)


@davidwd, the spell checker relies on pspell I believe so it's accuracy is out side of our control -

Having said that, we could use a different spell checking engine I guess.

@lunchbag @Stéph @tsaddon, thanks for the positive feedback.

@LEvans, that's a bit of an odd one. There's no database entry in the old system for the 'other info' information (well not in a logical place anyway). See the comment I post up there ^^^ on April 12th, 2012 at 11:43 am.

@Claire, left click the first email in the list, scroll to the bottom of the list, hold down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard and then left-click the last email in the list. This should highlight all of the messages. All you then need to do is hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard. Or select 'Delete message' from the right-click context menu.

soooooo glad to get rid of that old webmail interface - it was absolutely impossible to use - well done guys!

Bob - the field I meant is called 'Additional Info' in the old version, not 'Other Info'. In any case I've copy/pasted everything across from the basic email into the new version so problem solved.


Still very happy with new webmail but need help.Firstly how do you get an address from address book into the 'to' box when forwarding an e mail( other than cutting and pasteing) and secondly how can addresses from different pages in address book be selected into the 'to' box.

I'm also regularly seeing the problem with the preview pane being out of sync with the messages. Have Plusnet replicated this problem? Is there going to be a fix? Thanks.

I noticed the change about a month ago. Ever since I've just used basic webmail as the new format is far too complicated. I want to just log on check my e-mails, reply etc not have to mess about.

If the basic e-mail is going then I'll be following not much later. I'm past my first year's contract so what is the termination notice required? Shame I liked Plusnet but I can't stand this new format.


Hi Mike, no we've not had much luck replicating the problem. I did find this old/closed bug report from years back mind you -

What web browser, version and operating system are you using and are you doing anything in particular when/before it happens?


@Lee, are you having any problems with your broadband service? Seems a bit extreme to leave based on the fact that we're making some aesthetic changes to our Webmail platform! Have you ever considered setting your email up using a local client like Outlook, Windows Mail or Thunderbird?

I'd urge you to allow time to get used to the new platform as I for one certainly find it quicker and more capable than the standard offering once you're used to things.

We require ten days notice should you choose to cancel your account. You'd need to speak to our Cancellations Department - the number's on our website.

I'm also amazed by the negative reactions here.

I don't see how the new version could be any simpler. What on earth is complicated? An inbox & the usual folders, a pencil icon to write something, a back arrow to reply, a forward arrow to forward. How more simplistic does it need to be.

As for selecting all items, use the SELECT icons at the bottom of the inbox if you want to select everything.

Are you people still using Windows 3.1 for fear of change.

why o why do you have to keep messing with the site which has worked perfectly well i can see no reason other than somebody "thinks it will be a good idea to make life difficult for CUSTOMERS"

noted your comment that you have to check but how can i log in when the system is down?

I like it. Much better than the previous incarnation which looked like it was from the Tudor times when compared with every other webmail site I used.

@paulID, the software uses IMAP so indexing shouldn't really present much of a problem. It may be due to a browser/server caching setting somewhere however I've not had much luck replicating it. You could always disable the message preview? After all, it wasn't available when using the old platform. If you've any idea how I can replicate the issue then I'll happily look into it. I've been using Roundcube with another provider for over a year now and I've never noticed this happening. I've also had a look for reports of similar problems from other Roundcube users but haven't been able to find anything -


Still happening, it appears random though. Im using Firefox 12.0 browser


@albert johnson, keep messing with the site? Our Webmail platform's been the same for years. As mentioned in my replies to other comments on here, SquirrelMail was only ever intended as a temporary solution. You can't win to be honest, people were unhappy when we brought SquirrelMail into service and now it seems that some are unhappy we're replacing it. You can't please everybody. Checking the logs, more people are using Webmail now than ever before so we must have done something right?

@paulD, I'm using Firefox 12 too, it's going to prove tricky to pinpoint though without some means of reliably replicating the issue :(

I think the new email is better. I have to say I have recently switched to using gmail as my email client (you can now set gmail up so that it sends and receives from plusnet domain address not a gmail address). This means I have the benefits of webmail email (ie sent folders, inbox etc all the same wherever I log on without syncing) and I can also use the gmail app on my phone. Having all my contacts in one place and available from any computer and my phone as google contacts is a godsend and my android phone automatically syncs my google contacts with linkedin, facebook etc too.
Just putting forwward an alternative idea if people can't get used to the new webmail and want to stick with webmail rather than using an email client like outlook, thunderbird etc :)

1.The attachment limit is way too small, a significant step backwards from Squirrel and something that will severly limit my usage.
2.My Nordnet service use the same interface as this,except that they show selection boxes to the left of each email so that you can choose multiple non-adjacent messages for an action e.g. deletion,moving to a folder etc, rather than having to go message by message. Why isn't it included?


Richard, the attachment limit is the same as it was with SquirrelMail (7Mb per file). You can still select multiple non-adjacent messages by holding the control key on your keyboard and left-clicking.

I seem to have 'forward messages' & 'reset search' covering some of the icons at the top. Are my settings wrong.

I continue to use the email service supplied by my old ISP. Plusnet's offering far too complicated to set up and use.


@Graham, not familiar with that one. Is it still happening?

It righted itself for a while but now I am again being asked to enter my password twice, before login procedure is accepted?


@marilyn, it's probably the size of your browser window or your screen resolution. If either is set too small/low then the buttons can overlap.

@Graham, what web browser are you using? Are you accessing the service from home? And do you use any plugins or security software that could be intervening?


I too gave up on the new version weeks ago, continuing to use the older version, but only as backup for my main mail accounts with Tesco, which POP3's into my Apple Mail programme, which has served me well for many years.
Both of which are very nice graphically presented.

Tesco sometimes is not available, and depending on the reason why, emails are still forwarded to PlusNet mail, as I set it up. I also have an Orange mail account for the same reason.

I have tried & given up getting to grips with the non intuitive Plusnet mail, IMHO.

I do hope the older version continues to be available, other wise I will just junk trying with PlusNet mail.

And I am a computer user of many years experience !!!

And the "overlap and extra icons" problem I raised quite a while ago has still not been corrected.

First mentioned by myself April 11th !!


> And the "overlap and extra icons" problem I raised quite a while ago has still not been corrected.

There hasn't been a commitment from anybody to correct it unless I've overlooked it? We might be able to create a custom template but the bug (if you want to call it that) is inherent in the software we're using rather than something we've created ourselves. I have access to a non-Plusnet version of Roundcube and the same 'problem' exists. It's simply designed for higher resolution displays.

Roundcube have pretty significant visual changes planned for future releases so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

I've said before that not everybody is going to like it but Webmail usage seems to be on the up since we moved to the new platform. Based on the figures, we must be doing something right?

It's unlikely the old platform will be retained in the long term.


I run 1920 x 1080 display, you don't get much higher than that !

And it's not a non display of other icons, they are a partial repeat of the top icons immediately above, shifted one icon to the left.!


@PlusComUK, sorry I overlooked that. You're still using Camino yes? Don't suppose you can link me to a screengrab of this munged menu placement? I've checked the link you provided before and it seems to link to an unrelated forum thread containing dead imageshack links?


Thanks. I'm still struggling to work out what's going on though? Webmail renders perfectly fine for me using both Safari and Camino under OSX Snow Leopard:

I even upped the resolution to 1920x to no avail.

Using Camino 2.1.2 and Safari 10.1.7.


I presume you mean Safari 5.1.7

We are both using the same versions of Camino & Safari.

I am using OSX 10.7.4

I have another iMac on 10.6.8 in a cupboard, I'll try that soon.

Did you try zooming in & out ? ⌘+ ⌘-


Yes, sorry I meant 5.1.7. I didn't try zooming in/out though because I was under the impression you still had the problem when viewing with the default zoom view?


" Did you try zooming in & out ? ⌘+ ⌘- "

The top right icons etc are on multiple layers.

In Camino. the icons stay the same size, but the search etc display moves across the others as you zoom in.

As you zoom out, the icons again stay exactly the same, a sort of cut off top half repeat and shifted across by one icon.

In Safari, all the multiple layers move, as you zoom in, the repeated icons disappear under the search display.

As you zoom out, the lower row of icons become more visible, apparently lifting up, as the search etc display moves right.

If you try it, you'll see what I mean.


Used my 10.6.8 iMac, exactly the same in both Camino & Safari as above.


That's odd because I've just tried zooming in and out and I'm unable to replicate the problem you describe in either Safari or Camino.

There must be something non-standard about your configuration? When I zoom in then the icons on the left overlap with the filter and search bar on the right (this happens across all browsers/operating systems), but there's no duplicate layering like in the screen grabs you linked to.


OK, let's not bother with this anymore.

I have other, preferred email clients I use anyway.




Following on from your comment in an answer from one of my earlier posts, will it be possible to raise the Metronet 50Mb limit raised?

I see there is a calendar facility that comes with the webmail, does this sync with the likes of Google calendar / Outlook (full version) etc?

David Dixon


Hi David,

The calendar doesn't feature synchronisation with external applications I'm afraid. I've asked our Ops team to look at increasing the global quota for Metronet mailboxes (ref: 125189) however it's a very low priority piece of work so I can't offer a guarantee as to when they'll find the time to do it.

I have NEVER struggled so much with an email system as this plusnet crap. It is impossible to get redirect to work. It is all over the place, in my opinion, and blooming hopeless.
What a joke.


Redirects aren't set up via the Webmail platform philip. They're set up via the Manage My Mail controls in the Member Centre -

Also worth noting is the fact that you can't redirect an existing Mailbox. You'd have to delete the mailbox first (thus losing any email in it) and then set up the redirect.


21.06.12 Impossible to do anything after login attempt...

Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.
Very worried, need to get on with business!!!


Sorry about that Graham. Have you seen the Service Status announcements? -


Its crap. Thats when I can get on webmail. The last 48 hours have been a nightmare as I keep getting an invalid or timed out message when trying to collect my emails. 'Good honest broadband' -- Don't make me laugh !

Will contact Talk Talk tonite. The sooner I leave this shower, the better.


Everything is back, but running slow. At least Plusnet keep everyone informed of the prevalent situation, unlike Talk Talk. Best of luck to hitcox193 when he contacts them 'tonite' or should it be tonight?


22/06/ Back to normal speed, all present and correct.
Thanks Bob

I've used the 'advanced webmail' ever since it came out in Beta. Better than MS Rem0te Access! Never had any trouble with it at all, except I don't like the 'pinky/mauvy' colour schemes!! Far better than the old one I had with V@H. (iMac Snow Leopard 10.6.8 3.1GHz Intel Core i15, 4GB RAM 1333Mhz
I honestly don't know what you are all moaning about... Remember it is only a 'webmail package, and is not really meant be your 'main e-mail'!


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