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Plusnet launches freephone support number!

August 3rd, 2011 at 16:49 by Bob Pullen

phone_thumbnailThe more astute of you, and those that read the blog about our new TV ad campaign, will already know that we launched a 'Freephone' 0800 support number early on Tuesday morning.

Historically, you've typically had to dial an 0845 (lo-call) number to get through to our residential support team, which in certain circumstances can prove costly.

Customers of our 'Talk' home phone service have been able to dial our 0845 support numbers for free for some time now. We understand that not all of you have your phone service with us though so wanted to extend this benefit to a wider audience.

Well those of you who are in this position should be pleased to hear that we've now made this a reality!

If you ever need to get in touch, you can now pick up the phone, dial 0800 432 0200 and get straight through to a friendly member of our 24/7, award-winning support team from 'down t'road' - and it won't cost you a penny!*

What's even better is that we're also in the process of acquiring an equivalent geographical '03' number. For those of you who don't already know, you have to pay to dial 0800 'Freephone' numbers from a mobile unless you use a service like 0800 Buster**

Providing you with an '03' number though, will mean that you can call us from your mobile if your landline's ever down and have the time of the call deducted from the inclusive minutes provided with your mobile phone plan!

Watch this space, or subscribe to our RSS feed to find out when the 03 number goes live.

* free if made from a UK landline, calls from other networks may vary.
** 0800 Buster are in no way affiliated with Plusnet.

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19 comments on "Plusnet launches freephone support number!"


About time.

please could some one look in to my account i have sent a letter with proof that you never re-funded me, also i have complained and nothing is being done about it, just look at my account and you will see i have endless problems with your service i feel if you dont sort this asap i have no choice than to take this matter higher, im sure the customers would be pleased to be told of the "services" you provide i am truly dissapointed in you i want you to find out where in the world my pounds re-fund went to as i have proved to you i have never had this!!!!!!


@terri, sorry to hear you're having problems, you'll need to provide me with your account username or a recent support ticket reference in order for me to look into things.

thanks for sorting my problem so quickly and simply, its good to be back in touch and able to take advantage of all I'd been missing out on, including the freephone support number.

As a Deaf PlusNet customer, I would like to know if you have a Text-type phone in your customer service office?


I'm not sure we have a text-type phone in the office Barry, but we do field text-type calls from time to time.

The more astute of us would far sooner you gave us back the 300 free international minutes you took away from us last time around!


@Tim, you could have switched to our 'Talk Anytime' product back then in order to have retained your international minutes?

0870 and 0845 are included in my plan, why not 0844?

The 0800 is an excellent move.

The 0800 number is great in case I need to call for support from my giffgaff mobile - their 0800 calls are free. However, most mobile users would find an 01, 02 or 03 number a much cheaper option. Could you offer both?


Ian, we will be offering both as per the following extract from the article -

"What’s even better is that we’re also in the process of acquiring an equivalent geographical ‘03′ number."


Will there be a freephone support number available for your Madasafish customers?

If so when?
If not,why not?


Hi Apprentice,

As you may be aware, Bob has now answered this question here

Jojo :)

this is brilliant, it will help me in the future if I get any problems

thank you plusnet :)


Why has this taken you so long for 03 number that is! The rac have a 0800 number but say hear is are normal number (not a 03) for mobile calls etc.



I'm not sure exactly what you're asking James? Perhaps you can clarify? 03 numbers are treated by telephony operators the same way as geographical 01/02 numbers.


[...] in August we replaced our 0845 support number with an 0800 freephone number that doesn’t cost anything to call from UK [...]


I've just rang the freephone number and been told there is a minimum 30 minute wait. Would it be possible to set up a 'ring back' system where we leave our number and an operator calls back?


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