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New Plusnet TV ad to air next week!

July 29th, 2011 at 17:18 by Bob Pullen

tv_ad_thumbnailUnless you had your head in the sand a few month's back then you'll probably have seen our first ever TV ad campaign featuring straight-talking character 'Joe' and his canine companion 'Samson'.

If you did miss the ads (shame on you), then head over to Plusnet's YouTube channel where you can catch them in all their glory!

Those who did see the ads and are pining for some more Yorkshire-based frivolity, will be pleased to hear that next week will see us return to your TV screens.

The first of the new ads is scheduled to be aired during the Emmerdale ad break on Monday, and once again features the straight-talking, no-nonsense Joe. This time though he's brought his dad along for the ride - literally!

Fittingly the ad is being aired on 1st August which is officially Yorkshire Day!

As you'll see below, the ad primarily promotes our award-winning, UK-based, 24/7 customer support which is only going to get better when we switch to using 0800 support numbers next week! (historically we've always had 0845 support numbers).

So soon you'll be able to call us free from a landline if you ever need to get in touch!

Now that's got to be something to raise your cups of tea and have a toast with us about?


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22 comments on "New Plusnet TV ad to air next week!"


0800 numbers are a welcome move to be sure. However, I'd still like to see the return of publicised geographic numbers for residential support – when one's whole phone line stops working (as mine has done twice!) thereby necessitating a mobile to be used to phone for support, an 0800 number is no better than an 0845 one unfortunately… it'll still attract a hefty charge from mobile operators. Still, I applaud the step in the right direction.

Not wanting to be picky, but... wasn't Customer Support on 0800 back in the day, but it was withdrawn because people would phone up just for a chat? I'm talking 10 years ago, or more


@Be3G If you don't want to pay the high mobile charges for 0800 calls use an 0800 buster app.


I still that PlusNet spend to much time promoting Yorkshire rather than the packages themselves. Customers could not care less if an ISP is based in Yorkshire or the moon as long as they get good service and value for money. If you have any hopes of competing with the likes of Skye etc then promote the quality of the product not where it's based.


Thanks for the comments folks.

@glloyd, it's all about brand awareness really. Until we started advertising nationally, very few people had heard of us, and there's still quite a few that haven't now!

Regading the localised geographical number aspect of things - watch this space! We're currently looking at aquiring an '03' equivilent that you'll be able to call from your mobile as part of your inclusive minutes.


An 03 equivalent would be idea Bob (particularly if its the same number just 03 rather than 08!)

Always welcome to see a 'change for the better' :)


03? Hallelujah!

Plusnet originally said they were looking in to getting an 03 number years ago when they stopped publicising geographic numbers… it would be good to finally see that happen, albeit several years later than originally indicated.


I agree an 03 equivalent number would be better than an 0800 for me too.


@Bob Pullen. Yes but what brand are you selling Yorkshire or PlusNet? The adverts seem to be more about Yorkshire to me and nothing about the products you have to offer. You don't see other companies wasting revenue advertising where they are rather than their products. In my opinion you need to drop the Yorshire bit and push the products.

I totally disagree with glloyds comment (30th July 20110
customers could not care less whether 'ISP is based in Yorkshire,one of the main reasons I have swapped to Plusnet (after being with previous supplier for 30 years!!!)was the fact that the call centre was based in Yorkshire and it was so refreshing to talk to someone who could understand what I was saying!and what is wrong with selling Yorkshire? it is a great place ( and no I do not live there!)


BTW, you can see the extended version of this TV ad over on our YouTube channel -

Why have ads full of West Yorkshire accents and stereotypes when you are from Sheffield? It's actually insulting to the intelligence.

Is this advert filmed in Ilkley West Yorkshire?


Hi Katy, yes I believe it was, as far as I know the ads we've done so far have been filmed in Ilkley, Halifax and Ripon -

I represent the brass band that performed in the advert, the location was Ripon Bandstand and the players were made up of The Harrogate Band and the Knaresborough Silver Band.

I must admit I am sicking about hearing of 'Yorkshire too'. A big part of the reason I joined Plus Net was the UK call centre - but all decent prices, and most importantly the community forums where Plus net actively respond and help.

The adverts definitely grate on me now - it was fine for a while, but like glloyd says imo it would be better to focus on the packages now - brand awareness must be better now. Just sick of that voice saying 'yorkshire'

I disagree, I have just joined plusnet because of the Yorkshire ads!!! (The excellent pricing was a secondary consideration.)

Hi i was wondering if plus net had considered using the "yorkshire volunteers" band for their next advert? They are a regimental band formed in Yorkshire in 1860 and they are stil going strong todday. Their regimental march is "Ilka Moor". I think they would make a fab additoin to your adverts as you can't get more yorkshire than that!

Hi there. Could you tell me where the first scene was filmed of the current ad. It looks really familiar and it's bugging me that I can't place it. It's the scene where he's by an old metal fence with a field and some buildings in the background.


Which ad Mike? As far as I know the locations we've used are Ilkley, Halifax and Ripon.

This one:
I went to school in Yorkshire and recognise this place. So does my sister... both of us are sure we know it, but just can't quite remember.

I'm after the specific place where he's walking his dog at the beginning.


That ad's filmed in Ilkley Mike.


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