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Friends on Tiscali? Recommend Plusnet and save

January 14th, 2010 at 18:02 by Andrew Clayton


Just a few days ago we heard of the demise of the Tiscali brand, after TalkTalk finally killed it off. Trouble is, there are still plenty of people stuck on Tiscali packages and TalkTalk is increasing the prices of their packages by £5 a month if they don't take a TalkTalk phone line.

That's a terrible way to start the year, so we’ve put together a special deal where Plusnet customers and anyone migrating from Tiscali can both get rewarded.

Recommend us and we’ll send you £25 in John Lewis vouchers for each Tiscali customer who signs-up and migrates to Plusnet on your recommendation*. Tell your friends to enter our special code ’tiscali’ when they register via this page and they’ll get their first 3 months free too.

Make sure they also keep a note of your Plusnet username, as we’ll ask for this once they’re up and running so we can get your vouchers to you.

Of course you’ll still get our standard referral discount off your monthly bill for everyone who signs up too. There’s no limit to the number of people you can recommend, or the number of vouchers you can get. In fact, if you recommend enough people we’ll start paying you each month!

You’ll need to hurry, as this limited time offer ends 31st January 2010.

*You can read all the legal bits and bobs over at the offer terms and conditions page.


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22 comments on "Friends on Tiscali? Recommend Plusnet and save"

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Plusnet PLC, Ben Selby. Ben Selby said: Friends on Tiscali? Recommend Plusnet and save (via @plusnet) #fb [...]

Be careful if you change from Tiscali to plus as your phone lines to and from the bt exchange may need to be changed no one will tell you this. Bt did this over a week ago and I still have no connection. Everytime I have rung plus they say check this and I have done all that they ask . WHY can they not sort it out with BT . MY BROADBAND WORKED FINE WITH TISCALI. I AM GETTING TO A POINT WHERE I WISH I HAD NOT JOINED PLUS. Plus do not seem to care about customer service and have no urgency.


Hi there,

I'm just about to update your fault ticket, if you give me 5 minutes and then take a look you should see my comments. Sorry for the problems you've had so far.

I joined Plus from Tiscali last week, as I didn't want the Talk Talk phone package because it is not as good as the one I am already on, and I wasn't prepared to pay an extra £5 a month for basic broadband.
The only problem was that my old router turned out to be locked, when Tiscali said it wouldn't be. I rang Plus and they sent me a new router immediately (after trying to help me unlock it first). It arrived the next day and I was back online straight away. Thanks Plus! - So far so good. The customer services man was very helpful and pleasant too, by the way.


Out the frying pan and into the fire then.....

I have had the odd niggle with Plusnet, but nothing that cannot be sorted out. The Help Section and Raise Questions has been extremely well responded to in a positive and reasonably quick manner. I have found the staff on the end of the phone have always been helpful, polite and quick to solve any issues or problems. From one very satisfied customer.

Well I couldnt recommend Plusnet to anyone at the moment. Just looking for a new ISP. :(

I refuse to spend 15 minutes hanging on the phone for support and not getting replies after 3 days on my online questions.


Unfortunately, I didn't properly read my Tiscali (Talk Talk) letter dated 9th December, but when I did, I was most annoyed.
In speaking to Tiscali, an employee told me he had received the same letter. When I told him I wanted to move, HE recommended Plusnet.
My experience of Plusnet so far is very good- the staff I have spoken to have been excellent.


**Sorry for double post but wasn't logged in when posting originally**

I am having problems swapping from Tiscali,
I was given a MAC code as i was originally going to swap provider to Orange. However i cancelled the order with Orange BEFORE it was activated and swapped to Plusnet. However, my original order was not placed until 4 working days after i registered and after questioning the status of my order (it was marked as a potential problem on the line) i was eventually told that the MAC code is invlaid. However, i have checked this online and with BT and both say that the MAC code is still valid. Hence, my order has not been processed.
On checking the MAC code with BT i was offered their broadband package there and then after the check on the MAC code.... I said i will think about it...


Thank goodness for the death of Tiscali - anyone who feels Plusnet is poor wel think again- well I left Pipex Tiscali for Plusnet as those organisations of ISP providers were a utter disgrace & I find plusnet so far the total opposite to that organisation Talk Talk will go the same way, poor service, terrible technical support, & poor billing & very slow speeds!
Plusnet keep up your standards & you will keep your customers - Beware of ISP providers offering services to cheap & too good to be honoured!


Sorry to hear that, if you've got any questions we can help with pop on over to the forums and start a thread.

I've taken a look at your account and can see that we tried to place the order using the MAC you provided, however it was showing as already used by another provider. I'm assuming that was Orange, if you can let us know the new MAC when you get it we'll place the order asap.

@Dandy, Carol, Roger & Peter
Thanks for the good comments, glad you like the service so far. Welcome to Plusnet

have just ordered Plusnet Broadband and anytime phone calls for my parents. Have received e-mail to say Broadband set up a couple of days ago. However still not received the free Router so cannot use the service. Any idea when it will arrive? fathers e-mail address is username wilkinson147.



Is this offer still on? It's 01 February.


Talk Talk have pulled the same trick with old Pipex customers. They wanted to double the cost of my broadband!!. So now joined Plusnet and very pleased. Talk Talk are practising some very dubious techniques and I'll never have anything to do with them again.

just switched from tiscali/talk with phone deal as well could'nt be happier with service and ease of set up thanks plusnet your the ...

Has anyone had problems getting away from talk talk broadband? I have had nightmares. I was recommended talk talk when I had BT Broadband I gave them a call and they told me how much money I would save etc etc. My main concern was the capped download limit but as saving money was my goal i over looked it. They told me that I would receive the same downloads speeds as BT ( at the time it was 5.5mb/s) so I was sold. To my horror when i was connected it was only 2mb/s I waited ten days and complained to tech support and they told me 2Meg was the most I could get on my line. I was furious, I told talk talk I want to go back. The gave me some technical jazz about upgrading the exchange and gave me 3 months free service and revise the speeds after that. I took them up on this, after three months the speed had not changed and I told them I was a MAC code to leave talk. (Sorry for rambling on but I have to vent this rage and frustration here) The put me on hold and strangely enough after waiting 20 mins I got disconnected. I tried again same thing, this was in October 2009 cut a long story very short i managed to get away from the clutches of talk talk and i warn everyone to stay clear this is how i rate talk talk:

Sales picth: 9/10
Broadband speeds: 3/10
technical support: 2/10
customer service: 1/10 -- thats just because the eventually pick up the phone (in S. Africa or India)

Trying to switch from Tiscali (now talk talk) to plus net.
Almost two weeks have gone bye. Talk Talk stated that only BT could take back my phone line due to some reason at the exchange. Is this true and what is it all about?

[...] increasing customer loyalty. This tactic was used by the UK ISP Plusnet in January 2010, when it encouraged its own customers to lure Tiscali customers who were unhappy about the brand’s demise and the impending [...]

Anyone know why i have been told (by Plusnet)that I cant migrate to Plusnet because we have an LLu line. I am with TalkTalk and wanted to go with Primus for phone calls and Plusnet for broadband but told (by plusnet) that I cant. Something to do with it not being a BT line? However I could join if I took out the package that included calls- HELP - just want broadband!!


Hi Marie, you will need a BT or Plusnet line in order to move your broadband service to us. Would have to look up Primus but if they're an Openreach Wholesale reseller then you probably wouldn't have a problem moving your phone service to them whilst keeping your broadband with us.

[...] increasing customer loyalty. This tactic was used by the UK ISP Plusnet in January 2010, when it encouraged its own customers to lure Tiscali customers who were unhappy about the brand’s demise and the impending [...]


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