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Stars of Gaming Part 1 - The Sony Playstation

March 12th, 2009 at 12:06 by Carl Lockley

Who remembers the first time that they paid full whack for a console? I had Mega Drives, Master Systems and the like over the years, but they were always when the cost had come down, or bought off a friend or neighbour. The first console that I ever bought at full price was the Sony Playstation, and after my recent blog about the most influential games, I started thinking of the console that I played most of them on.

I bought my PlayStation in 1996. I was at college, working three part time jobs and was hugely excited about this bit of kit. One of my friends, Paul, had one, and we had been truly horrified playing Resident Evil on it. I convinced my mum that I should get one on credit from a well known toys based retailer and, as I trundled off to my Sunday afternoon shift in our local supermarket, my parents went to the shops to buy the PlayStation.

Sony PlayStation

I finished at 9pm, and instead of the usual stroll home, I ran. All the way. Now I was skinny back then, but I didn't run (outside of football) and I got home as fast as I could. I remember taking the PlayStation out of the box and just pure wonderment emenated from me.  Sleek, smooth lines, a round lid, and when you turned it on, an awesome sight of swirling lights and an amazing sound.  No more 2D pixels, no more 8 and 16bit digitised sound, this was the real deal.  This was the future of gaming.


So many games that you play today will have started out or appeared on the Sony PlayStation.  Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Caliber (or Soul Blade for the old school out there) Resident Evil, even Call of Duty made an appearence.  The games, the sound the graphics were something that hadn't really been seen before, and although it wasn't that practical, you really haven't lived until you have linked up two PlayStations, two tellies and had a head to head link up on Wipeout.  Gaming was cool again, and out of the bedrooms and living rooms, and games like Wipeout, with their techno and trance soundtracks, started appearing in the unlikeliest of places, Nightclubs.  Sony was taking on the old firms of Sega and Nintendo with a solid product and excellently placed marketing.


And it is possibly thanks to Nintendo that we have the PlayStation.  In June 1991, Nintendo were to announce a joint project with Sony for a cd add-on for the Super Nintendo.  Hiroshi Yamauchi, then president of Nintendo, wasn't happy that Sony would have control of the games released, and shelved the product, instead announcing alliegence with Philips to continue with this peripheral.  Sony planned to scrap any ideas but fortunately decided to forge on with their plans, and in November 1995, Europe finally saw the PlayStation.  Sony went on to produce several different versions of the PlayStation, and sold over 102,000,000 units worldwide.  The PlayStation itself was the first console to sell over 100 million units worldwide, and left us with a lasting legacy.

Now, some posts have accused me of being somewhat biased against the Sony PlayStation 3 in my blogs, and for them I say this.  I'm not biased in that I would love a PS3, but I now have responsibilities outside of gaming, I have rent, a girlfriend and a little boy that come before me buying a PS3, but as soon as I can afford one, I will get one.  Sony encouraged and nurtered my gaming with the PS1, and I am well aware of what the PS3 is capable of, but at the moment, my blogs will be XBox based, as this is what I have available.  If all of you guys want to have a whipround, then feel free, and I promise that I will blog every week about all aspects of gaming :)

What I would like to know about is the first console that opened your eyes.  Did the Dreamcast do it for you?  Was the Gamecube the one that enveloped you in a world of gaming?


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12 comments on "Stars of Gaming Part 1 - The Sony Playstation"


I was queuing at 9am outside HMV on Oxford Street on the day the PlayStation was launched. Just also happened to be my first proper pay day so handed a reasonable chunk of that over for one Ridge Racer and WipEout. Almost brings a tear to my eye thinking about it... I'd had a master system, nes and snes before this but as you say it was such a different class of machine and I loved it.


This isn't you microwaving this Playstation 3 is it Carl? 😉


That is quite a waste :)

Was it just me, or did anyone else get a "half life" flashback when the electrical flashes were going off?


Nah it was jameseh and asbo....


first console atari then the NES then meag drive and the one that bankurpted my paper round monney for years to come the PS1. got my parents to buy it out the catloag with that super high interst rate added on.
my paper round was just enough to pay the interst off.
so that is most likely where my haterd of the playstation comes from.
i only have to see that black blue ray box and memorys of 6am cold wet starts and old rusty letter box's taking chunks out your fingers come flooding back.
sundays where the worst had to take the cricket bat with to get them sunday papers through some letter box's.
so adiewoo if you pay for a hypnotist to blank this memory form my brain i may just be able to stomach the ps3


The master system was my first console. I won in a games competition whereby I slaughtered people on wacky races and Doom 2. It came with Alex kidd built in!! Awesome. If only for paper, scissors, rock the best basis of a boss battle ever.

Ill be honest my memory is hazy but I also had (Between me, my brother and sister) a mega drive, Game gear, commodore 64, commodore amiga, N64. I got the playstation as a Christmas present in 96 I think as the price came down. I remember seeing a big box under the Christmas tree, so I made a tiny pin prick hole in it to see that it was dark silver.... Must be a Playstation!

Indeed it was. But my first love was Warcraft 2 on the PC.

I bought the PS2 with my own money at £199.95 and also the PS3 60Gb at Sainsburys discount for £298 back in october 2007. Never looked back.


First console was an Atari 2600, then moved on to 'PC's Amigas et al. then back to consoles with the Mega Drive, Mega CD, Super Nintendo, Jaguar then when the PS came out i went out and bought one specifically for Res Evil, Wipeout and FF7 - good times


Started on the A500. My first purchase was a Mega Drive, then Saturn (oops) before moving onto a PS2, XBOX360 and most recently a Wii.


Ive just noticed you referred to Soul Calibur / Blade...anyone remember it being called Soul Edge?

Andrew B

I remember that!

By far the best game in that particular series i thought :)


Complete with Edgemaster mode and destroyable weapons if you blocked too much 😀

My first was a amstrad type tapeloader - with football manger and pacman 😀 then onto a ps1, dreamcast, ps2 then now my beloved 360 😀

bring back the tape deck 😀


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