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Customer Satisfaction Survey - March 2007

April 13th, 2007 at 12:39 by Liam

Every month, we send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to a selection of customers who have contacted the Customer Support Centre. This enables us to guage how we are performing and allows us to identify areas where we can improve the customer experience of dealing with our support teams.

The results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey for March 2007 are now out!

To download the Powerpoint Presentation :-
Click Here (400KB, PPT)
(if you can’t open this, get the viewer here!)


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8 comments on "Customer Satisfaction Survey - March 2007"

Well done everyone concerned. The results are really impressive!

As it says:

Every month, we send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to a selection of customers who have contacted the Customer Support Centre.

The sceptical part of me wants to know what the selection process is?

A selection based survey can be very easy to manipulate if you are looking to improve your standings compared to previous months. Only send out the survey to those who have had a positive response to the call etc etc and you can soon manipulate things to make it look like you are improving massively when in fact nothing is actually changing, or even getting worse.


i'll second that, well done very impressive.


The survey is sent out automatically, and randomly, by the reporting server used by our telephone switch. Normally it's every 3rd or 4th call, but due to an issue with the database right now it's not as many as that. Nothing malicious, and no manual selection processes involved.


We're planning to launch a 'Rate My Service' page that is available to all customers to fill in once a month if they wish - that will give us a much larger and more representative sample size. It will also cater for the fact that the current survey only counts customers who have had to contact us for some reason and therefore are likely to have had some sort of problem. More info as we have it...

I have sent in dozens of questions. Plus net fixes the survey by ignoring those who have "complained", in the same way it fixes the response times to questions raised, by firing off a reply that often has little bearing on the question raised.

The only true way of establishing what the customers really feel is by selecting those who raise a complaint about the service and then test the response. I suspect it would reveal poorer stats for plus net.


The survey is currently only sent to people who contact us via Telephone. As Neil has said, we're planning to launch a "Rate My Service" page available to everyone to fill in if they so choose. I assure you that we have absolutely no selection criteria to only select those who haven't complained. If you saw the results from, perhaps, a year ago or slightly less - this might be clear.

Im a new customer and repeatedly had reason to phone and complain in March about the lack of service from Plus Net. First of all the broadband was connected late then the router didnt arrive as the order was "lost". Then the phone service took 6 weeks to connect and we were not offered the 4.99 a month new offer as that was for "new customers only"! Needless to say I never received any satisfaction survey....


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